How Can UV Lights Improve Your HVAC System?

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HVAC systems do more than control indoor temperatures. These systems also provide ventilation by managing airflow and humidity. They even have the ability to boost indoor air quality (IAQ) through filters that are strategically located and designed to capture and retain airborne allergens such as dirt and dust. However, HVAC air filters aren’t sufficient for addressing all IAQ and indoor health concerns. For instance, they don’t filter out microscopic pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. These germs can circulate throughout your home indefinitely, where they’ll have a noticeable impact on resident health. You can improve the air quality in your home by installing a UV light for HVAC system.

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What Are UV Lights for HVAC Systems?

Ultraviolet or UV light lies just beyond the visible spectrum. You cannot see UV light, but you are able to feel the effects of what is essentially high-frequency (HF) radiation. UV rays account for about 10 percent of sunlight. This light spectrum can also be artificially produced using electronic gadgets and devices like UV lights for AC systems and furnaces.

Different Types of UV Lights

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The longest wavelength comes from UV-A, which is coincidental, and the least harmful to humans. However, it is still unhealthy to expose yourself to UV-A lighting for any extended period of time. Banknote inspections, anti-theft protection, and banknote inspections are some of the applications in which this lighting is used.

UV-B light has a higher frequency and a shorter spectrum. It can damage the skin instantly upon exposure, but it cannot penetrate greater than skin deep. It is used by various medical professionals as a cure for psoriasis and eczema. UV-B lighting is also used by investigators to analyze DNA. UV-B bulbs are installed in bug-zapping devices as they attract insects.

The shortest wavelength is found in UV-C light, which also has the highest frequency of the three. Luckily, UV-C lighting is blocked by the ozone layer. In the 1800s, scientists realized that UV-C lighting can kill pathogens. Thus, it is frequently used in manufacturing to sanitize, sterilize, and disinfect. UV-C rays are also used by water treatment facilities in many areas.

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How Does UV Lighting Kill Germs?

UV lights are able to penetrate the outer layers of many pathogens to break down their DNA at a cellular level. During this process, viruses and bacteria lose the ability to replicate. Some germs die as soon as they’re exposed to ultraviolet lights. By having UV lights installed in your HVAC system, you can limit or prevent the transmission of illness in your home.

Benefits of Having UV Lighting Installed in Your HVAC System

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  • Better IAQ and a Lower Risk of Contracting Airborne Illnesses: As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air indoors can have two to five times the amount of pollutants found in the outside air. Pay careful attention to your IAQ to limit the risk of illness for you and your loved ones. UV lights can eliminate the pathogens being circulated throughout your home as they pass through your HVAC system. The results are immediate. You will be able to notice a difference right away.
  • Save Money & Boost Your System’s Efficiency: HVAC coils don’t work well when they are covered in microorganisms and other small-sized particulates. This reduces the flow of air and makes systems inefficient by forcing them to use more energy and run longer. UV lights eliminate the problem. Simply clean the HVAC system’s coils after exposure to ensure optimal airflow and then enjoy marked increases in overall efficiency. The long-term savings that you gain will offset the cost of having UV lighting put in.
  • Less Maintenance & a Longer HVAC Lifespan: AC units reduce indoor temperature by forcing hot air over cool coils. One side effect is having humid air be condensed. This is something that system engineers expect, and thus, they have a condensate drain that routes the resulting water out of the system. However, this drain can be clogged by growths of algae. Algae makes it necessary to clean these components out often. UV lighting will prevent algae formation and reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do. These lights also minimize the risk of equipment damage and extend the lifespans of air conditioners.
  • Neutralize Foul Odors: Do you have foul-smelling air coming from your AC unit? This is an issue that can get progressively worse until you’re no longer able to ignore it. It can even cause you embarrassment when you have guests drop by. This smell is likely the result of odor-causing bacteria that are proliferating within the system. You have to open the unit up and thoroughly clean it out to get rid of bad smells. However, this strategy will only work for a very short period of time. The problem will recur until you implement a more permanent solution, such as UV lighting. UV rays will destroy odor-causing pathogens and keep them from stinking the place up. Your home will always be clean and fresh-smelling.
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Installing UV Lights in HVAC System

Installing UV lighting might seem fairly straightforward, but there are a lot of special considerations to be made when putting in integrated HVAC accessories. Keep reading to find out more.

Different Types of UV Lighting for HVAC Systems

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  • Coil-Sanitizing UV Lights: These UV lights are focused on the evaporator coil within the unit’s air handler. This coil is always moist due to collected condensation, and it creates the perfect environment for bacteria, mold, and other pathogens. Coil-sanitizing UV lights will zap these surfaces so that germs cannot flourish here.
  • Air-Sanitizing UV Lights: If you have a central AC system, this unit should be installed in the air supply vents throughout your ducting. This will allow them to sanitize conditioned air before it gets distributed.
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Professional HVAC UV Light Installation


Even though you can certainly try to put these lights in yourself, you should note that doing so incorrectly could damage both your HVAC system and your lights, and it may lead to poor UV light performance as well. It is far better to have a certified HVAC technician install these accessories to ensure the integrity of your HVAC system and get truly excellent results. Professionals know the best places to install lights for reliable harm reduction and disinfection. During their work, they can additionally clean your ducts out and repair any air duct leaks.

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Maintaining Your HVAC System’s UV Lights

Your HVAC UV lights will do their job quietly in the background 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You don’t have to constantly fidget with or worry about them, but they do need to be regularly maintained. Wipe dirt off of their surfaces and replace damaged or blown-out lights as needed. Never touch lamp surfaces directly, as you can decrease the UV output with your skin oils. Whenever you come close to UV lights, be sure to wear eye protection. If you are worried about the dangers of working with UV lights, contact an HVAC company to handle maintenance instead.



UV lights are excellent additions to residential HVAC systems. These lights can protect your health, boost your IAQ, improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, and extend the lifespan of the entire HVAC system. They are well worth their cost. Have these accessories integrated today. Make sure that they are properly installed to get the fullest range of benefits. A seasoned technician can do it right.

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