3 Most Common Reasons For Air Conditioning Repair In NJ (And How To Avoid Them)

Image Of AC Repair In NJAnyone with a dog can understand the challenge of the doggy door: The dog wants to go out…or in…or go out…or in…This back and forth will continue for as long as squirrels roam your yard. And, the extra strain of hot air leaking inside can be taking a toll on your air conditioner energy efficiencies and longevity. In addition to Fido’s indecisiveness, here are 3 common reasons you could be facing the need for an air conditioning repair in NJ this summer.

3 Common Reasons You May Be Facing More Repairs Than Usual This Summer

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling is one of the most common reasons we get a call for air conditioner repair over the summer. Air conditioners all go through a regular on/off cycle to maintain a specific temperature at home. But sometimes, they can go through rapid on and off cycles which puts your system through excess wear-and-tear making it more difficult to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

The exact cause of a short cycling unit could be because of several factors, including:

Wrong Sized System- An oversized system that is too powerful for the size of your home can lead to big temperature swings, frequent breakdowns and energy bills that shoot through the roof.
Dirty Air Filter- A clogged air filter makes your AC work harder to compensate for the lack of airflow. This puts excessive pressure on the motor and compressor which can lead to an overheating system.
Low Refrigerant Levels – If your AC is low on refrigerant, it will not be able to cool your space effectively. This not only puts excess strain on system components, but also results in frequent on and off cycling.
If you notice your AC turning on and off about as often as your dog decides to go inside and outside, call your local NJ HVAC experts at Point Bay Fuel for a reliable air conditioning repair.

2. Procrastination

Yes, you read that right. Homeowner procrastination is high up on our list of common reasons for summer AC breakdowns. You’ve invested a lot in your home and the appliances that make it run smoothly; don’t put off the simple HVAC maintenance tasks that can help to keep your unit humming all summer long.

Change Your Air Filter- One of the simplest DIY air conditioning maintenance chore is to replace your air filter monthly during the cooling season. Failure to maintain this can lead to short cycling (see above), low air quality and breakdowns.
Schedule Pre-Season Maintenance- HVAC units don’t last forever. Twelve years is the average lifespan and they will need some regular attention to even make it that far. Just like you maintain your car on a regular basis, your AC requires a regular tune-up and cleaning. Ignoring this simple step can lead to failure…typically when you need it the most.

Procrastination can add up in expensive repairs. Don’t wait another day; check these two important tasks off your list now.

3. Frozen Coils

Commonly an indication of low refrigerant levels, frozen coils can also indicate an issue with airflow because of dirty air filters or obstructed return air ducts. If your coils are frozen, ice can cause a blockage in the drain hole. While your AC may still run, it will result in uneven cooling and you’ll end up using a lot more electricity in the process.

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