Number One Reason For AC Fails: Lack Of Air Filter Maintenance

Air Filter MaintenanceOne of the main reasons we tend to see air conditioning or heating system failure is due to a lack of air filter maintenance. Something as simple as cleaning your air filter can have a big effect on HVAC performance, indoor air quality and equipment efficiency.

While manufacturers’ instructions may vary, filters should be changed at least seasonally (and most likely more often). If not, the restricted and clogged filter could result in unnecessary breakdowns, cause your AC to freeze up and even lasting (expensive) damage to your unit.

Save yourself from future damage and keep your air filter clean and free of debris.

Air Filter Maintenance Reminders

We get it, life gets busy at times (ok, probably most of the time). If you have a lot going on in your schedule, it’s really easy to forget about some of the stuff that keeps the wheels turning in your daily routine…like cleaning your HVAC air filter. Wouldn’t it be nice if your to-do list had less on it? Or at least reminders to keep track of it all?

Set a recurring monthly reminder on your smart phone calendar, download an intuitive task reminder apps, like UpKeep or FilterFresh or turn on the Filter Reminder on your Nest Thermostat to help you keep track of when to change it.

Air Filter Options

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide which filter to go with. Here are a few of the most common choices available today:


A basic MERV 8 filter takes care of the big stuff. It’s a perfect choice if you have no allergy sufferers in the house, are a non-smoker, and your filter is not located in the garage.


One of the most popular grades, the standard MERV 11 filter takes air filtration a few steps further. It provides good airflow but better filtration than the MERV 8. Plus, it helps clear your home of allergens, like pet dander, in addition to filtering out the basics.


This is one of the most powerful filters you’ll find on the shelves. It rids the air of everything other filters do, but it also filters cigarette smoke, smog, smoke from cooking, and even viruses. While airflow is good, the higher filtration automatically results in a denser filter; therefore, it has slightly less airflow than lower grades.

Trust In A Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Company

Air filter replacement is an essential part of maintaining a healthy HVAC system. For more information on HVAC efficiency and maintenance, contact our NATE certified technicians at (732) 349-5059. Our experts can help you determine where your air filter is located, what kind of air filter you will need and offer more tips on maintenance.

At Point Bay Fuel, we provide HVAC maintenance for all your heating and cooling needs. We’re proud to be the best HVAC company in the Toms River, New Jersey, area since 1906.