4 Simple Ways To Naturally Purify Air in Your Home

Purified Air in HomeWhen it comes to air purification, most people don’t think twice and just rely on their air conditioning units to get the job done. It may be shocking to find out that the air you breathe inside could be up to 5x more toxic than the air outside! Taking the time to understand how to naturally purify your indoor air can be beneficial for you and your family’s health and help to prevent illnesses, allergies, asthma and headaches and it can even boost mood! Read on to find out four simple ways to clean your home’s air.

1. Control the Entry

Your first defense against poor indoor air quality is a clean-running central air conditioner and clean air filter. Change the furnace or air conditioning filter every two months during use will help ensure that the air you breathe is free of dust, dirt and airborne allergens. You can also stop the entry of extra dust and pollen before they enter your home by simply asking guests to remove their shoes.

2. Banish Dust Mites

Go ahead and grab a damp rag and get to dusting! According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, allergies and asthma control begins at home. But that is often where the problem starts. Eight out of 10 people in the United States are exposed to house dust mites, and six out of 10 are exposed to cat or dog dander. Controlling the air quality in your home (and office, school and car) can reduce allergy and asthma triggers. Keep the surfaces in your home clean and uncluttered to prevent unnecessary dust build up (especially in your bedroom where we typically spend 1/3 of our time).

3. Light a Candle

A method not so common that also adds to the purification of your home is using a Beeswax candle. Scientifically, beeswax candles have special ions that contribute to the overall purification of the air to which the candles is located. This is a cheap way to purify your home’s air and add to the ambiance as well!

4. Go Green

The fourth and final tip to purify air naturally is to have plenty of plants growing in your home. Green roughage is good for the atmosphere as well as the air in your home. The top plants for air purification include: Golden Pothos, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Dracaena, Bamboo Palm, Dragon Tree, Lady Palm and Spider Plant. But having any sort of plant growing in your home (it is suggested to have one plant per 100 square feet of home) can increase the air purification levels and have been shown to boost mood, too, so head out to your local nursery and pick up a plant today!

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