4 Simple Ways To Naturally Purify Air in Your Home

When it comes to air purification, most people don’t think twice and just rely on their air conditioning units to get the job done. It may be shocking to find out that the air you breathe inside could be up to 5x more toxic than the air outside! Taking the time to understand how to naturally…

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Quick and Simple Ways To Stay Cool

What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Breaks

Perhaps you were coming home from work when it happened: you stepped into an unreasonably warm house, with no familiar hum from the air conditioner ready to comfort you with cool, refreshing air. When your AC breaks in mid-summer, living and working at home can be miserable due to high heat and humidity. Thankfully, there…

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Common Home Problems and Solutions: Hot Rooms

Help, my room is too hot! There are many reasons that one room in your home may feel much warmer than any of the others. Thankfully, plenty of easy solutions can help to keep you cool. Our cooling experts have provided some insight on the common problems (and solutions) for hot rooms:  Lack of Airflow…

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