5 Signs it’s Time to Invest in a New Air Conditioner

Do you have the uneasy feeling that your air conditioner may not be working as well as usual? If you think that your unit is struggling to cool your home despite good ductwork, fresh refrigerant, and a new filter, it may be time to invest in a replacement HVAC unit. Here are five signs you need a new air conditioner:Broken Air Conditioner

1. The Unit Frequently Needs Repairs

Most homeowners can easily perform some air conditioning maintenance such as replacing the filter. If you find yourself continually setting up appointments for AC servicing and repairs, however, take note. Instead of paying for additional repairs, put your money toward a new unit instead. Newer systems are more energy-efficient than older models, which can also help lower your electric bills.

2. Your Home is More Humid Than Usual

Air conditioners are designed to dehumidify your home by cooling your air and removing some of the excess moisture. This is a must for surviving New Jersey in the summer. If your home feels humid even while the AC system is running, however, it could be a sign of old or failing equipment.

3. The AC Produces a Peculiar Smell

Has your home’s air quality become worse since you starting running your AC unit again this summer? Air conditioning units may produce moldy odors if they are improperly maintained or not draining correctly. A musty smell may be the result of improper air ventilation and filtration, which may increase as older AC units continue to age. Increasing amounts of dust, which may be blown into the room by a worn-out unit, may also be evidence of poor filtration.

4. You Can’t Help Noticing When the AC Turns On

It is usually easy to tune out the sound of an air conditioner. One of the primary signs you need a new air conditioner, however, is if you begin hearing noises that you cannot ignore. Since AC units are comprised of many moving parts, strange sounds could indicate a problem. Possibilities include:

  • Squealing fan belts
  • Hissing compressors or refrigerant line connector
  • Gurgling due to a leak in the line
  • Buzzing caused by loose parts or motor issues

5. Energy Bills Are Higher Than Last Year

Does it seem like your electric bill is higher this summer than in years past? If the electric company’s rates stayed roughly the same, the extra expense may be caused by your air conditioner working overtime. Units tend to lose efficiency and effectiveness as they age, so your AC may be running more often and working harder to keep things cool. Check with your electric company to compare your current bills with those from last summer, and consider replacing the unit.

Choose Point Bay Fuel

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