4 Air Conditioners Myths

Despite that fact that so many homeowners have central air conditioners or window units, there are still many myths about running these HVAC systems. Unfortunately, believing some of these traditional tales may result in diminished AC efficiency and higher energy bills. Here is the truth behind four common air conditioner myths:Air Conditioners Myths

Myth #1. Ceiling Fans Should be Left On to Help the AC

Ceiling fans can make the people in a room feel several degrees cooler, but they do not actually lower the temperature of a room. By creating a breeze, they provide a wind chill effect. You do not, however, need to leave fans running if you are not in the room. Since ceiling fans have no effect on the actual temperature, leaving them on while you are gone wastes electricity. In fact, a fan’s motor can actually slightly increase the room’s temperature which will negate the air conditioner’s efforts if it’s left on too long.

Myth# 2. Bigger AC Units Are Better Than Smaller Ones

Purchasing a large window unit or oversized central air conditioning system may seem like a good idea at first, but think again. Units that are not properly sized for your home’s needs will likely work harder than necessary and run in short cycles. This can up your energy costs and limit the unit’s ability to help dehumidify your home. According an article in Green Building Advisor, you can determine if your current unit is too large by calculating your home’s air conditioning capacity and then timing the system’s run cycle. Because of the variations to consider, it is best to consult with an experienced HVAC specialist about calculating the right sized central air conditioning unit for your home’s specifications.

Myth #3. My Thermostat Does Not Need To Be Adjusted At Night

Many people know how to turn their AC on and off, with no interest in doing anything else. Others dutifully turn the temperature up while leaving for work and back down upon returning home, but then neglect the unit for the rest of the night. Instead of following suit, use the outside temperature as a guide. If it is late evening, you are comfortable, and the outside temperature has dropped, readjust your thermostat accordingly.

Most importantly, turn up the temperature just before you go to bed. You should be cool enough to fall asleep, after which time your body will regulate its own temperature. Adjusting the thermostat before sleeping means that the AC will not need to run as long or as frequently throughout the night hours.

Myth #4. Programmable Thermostats Are Expensive and Complicated

Of all the air conditioner myths, this one needs to go. Programmable thermostats are still relatively new to the market, which may be the reason some homeowners still have reservations. However, this progressive technology is becoming much more standard and affordable. Reasons to install these units include:

  • Program the devices with your schedule for maximum energy efficiency
  • Learning thermostats can pick up on your schedule without the need for programming
  • Establish multiple zones, such as a seldom-used guest bedroom versus a sun-lit study
  • Multiple units in a home can communicate via WiFi to regulate temperature
  • Control devices using smartphone apps or a web browser

If any of this seems daunting, simply ask a technician to help install and explain the unit. According to Energy.gov, having a programmable thermostat can help dramatically reduce your energy bill in both summer and winter.

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