6 Ways to Boost Air Quality & Air Conditioning Efficiency

Air Conditioner MaintenanceFor every household in New Jersey, indoor air quality should be a primary concern. Mold, chemical residues, dust, and many other pollutants can affect the air in our homes, affecting our health every day. Correct usage of AC units can be imperative to prevent such effects. Plus, when you maximize the air quality, your AC life span and air conditioning efficiency gets a boost too.

Improve Indoor Air Quality & Get the Most Out of Your AC in 6 Simple Ways

1. Utilize Testing and Analysis.
Without testing and analysis, it is impossible to know exactly what pollutants are in your home. For those who suffer from asthma or other such medical conditions, this is an excellent place to begin. Not only will testing aid in choosing the correct air conditioning unit, but it will also provide homeowners with the information needed to keep their HVAC unit clean and functioning.

2. Keep the AC Unit Clean and Free of Debris.
Frequently cleaning or changing the air filters is your first defense against poor indoor air quality. Next, never run the unit with litter in the aluminum blades protecting the condenser coils. By trimming any flora surrounding the air conditioner, homeowners can decrease such damage. Another important step includes proper cleaning and maintenance of all vents in the home; this prevents dust buildup which can lead to bigger issues.

3. Seal All AC Ducts.
This step will require a qualified contractor, but will save quite a bit on annual heating and cooling costs. While many homeowners consider taking this project on themselves, this is not a recommended method. Mastics (sealants), sheet metal screws, or plastic and metal bands are the way to go. Due to the complexity of such installation, be sure to contact one of our professionals at Point Bay Fuel.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat.
Running your air conditioner nonstop can do major damage. Give it a break once and a while to prevent added wear on the unit and give your utility bill a break, too. A programmable thermostat is the way to go which allows homeowners to set the appropriate temperatures for certain times of the day.

5. Weatherize and Insulate.
Proper insulation and weatherization in any home will allow NJ residents to raise the temperature setting on their AC units without feeling the heat seeping in. When it’s hot outside, most people want to come in to an exceptionally cool environment. However, during summer months with extremely high temperatures, this can be difficult for both air conditioners and budgets to handle. Investing in insulation and weatherization will help address both of these issues.

6. Schedule Regular Maintenance.
Your air conditioning systems should be checked seasonally. Maintaining the coolant gas levels is vital. Gas leakage causes units to work much harder to maintain appropriate temperatures. Eventually, gas levels will be too low, and the pressure needed to achieve cooling simply won’t be there.

Quick Tip: Save on Power Bills

Did you know that every degree below 78˚ increases your home’s energy usage by roughly 8%. Though a higher temperature may initially seem be a bit uncomfortable; the lower energy bill is well worth it in the long run.

A Reputable Heating and AC Installation Service

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