Providing a Comfortable Environment to Increase Employee Productivity through Climate Control

Without productive employees, a business will struggle to maintain success. Keeping employee moral high is of vital importance to effective productivity. There are many methods to encourage this, including setting goals to help employees grow, allowing for “brain breaks”, and encouraging employees who produce high-quality work. However, productivity doesn’t simply rely on management and good work ethics. A comfortable office environment is fundamental to employee happiness. Point Bay Energy strives to help companies in Ocean County increase employee productivity through climate control.

Thermostat Wars in the Modern Office

In a study performed by, it was discovered that at least half of all employees are frequently unhappy with office temperatures. Statistics show that as many as 10% of workers were dissatisfied with climate conditions every day. In many office settings, employees have little to no control over the thermostat, leaving some freezing in the winter and others burning up in the summer.

3 Ways Climate Control can Increase Employee Productivity in Ocean County

1. Maintaining a Comfortable Work Environment. A study performed by Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory discovered that productivity increases at a temperature of 70˚ Fahrenheit. Most people find it impossible to work effectively when they are either too hot or too cold. Business attire often requires employees to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. In an improperly cooled office space, workers will find themselves sweating through their clothing. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also make employees feel self-conscious. By providing proper heating and cooling (particularly in the summer and winter), companies can easily increase employee performance.

2. Offering Employees More Control over Office Temperature. According to a survey performed by, 57% of employees reported that greater control over temperature in the workplace would have a positive influence on morale and productivity. It is important for businesses to take the time to determine what employees need. An anonymous poll to determine temperature preferences can be highly effective. Though disagreements on temperature are bound to occur no matter what, providing employees with the ability to communicate their needs allows for effective problem solving. Offer up other quick and simple ways to stay cool, too.

3. Control Indoor Environments for Heat-Sensitive Equipment. Many office environments utilize expensive IT equipment or other materials that can be heat-sensitive. Not only do computers and servers put off an exceptional amount of heat – potentially making the workplace highly uncomfortable – this excess heat can be damaging to equipment. A cool and dry setting is imperative to keeping important equipment functioning at its optimum capacity. Companies spend thousands on updated, effective equipment. Investing in a proper cooling system ensures that businesses will not end up spending a fortune on unnecessary repairs or replacements.

A Reputable Heating and AC Installation Service

Founded in 1906, Point Bay Energy Heating and Cooling is proud to provide services to increase employee productivity in Ocean County. This company strives to offer customers high-quality heating and cooling equipment to provide comfortable work and home spaces. With a 24/7 emergency service, Point Bay Energy is here to address customer needs at any time. Visit for more information on what this company has to offer.