Does Your Air Conditioning System Really Need An Annual Check-up?

Virtually all homeowners know the various benefits one can reap by investing in a quality HVAC system. Still, a significant percentage of these individuals don’t regularly schedule air conditioner maintenance. This is despite paying the huge cost of acquiring and installing one.

Air conditioners are largely similar to motor vehicles. They have a handful of delicate parts that need regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. This is why governmental agencies, equipment dealers, AC installers, and power companies all recommend annual HVAC tune-ups by qualified air conditioner contractors.

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Efficiency And Performance

image of AC tune-up that takes place Brick NJThe condenser coil on your A/C will collect lots of dust and debris as time goes by. This is especially the case for houses located in dusty environments. Outdoor units also collect debris when they are in an area that has foliage. As the foreign material accumulates, the energy efficiency of the whole air conditioning system plummets. Other issues, such as refrigerant leaks and foul odors, could crop up as a result.

The presence of dirt on your equipment also raises the risk of triggering other mechanical and electrical A/C issues. When the situation isn’t corrected early enough, the unit could start producing sparks. It doesn’t stop there. An unclean unit is more likely to spread contaminants (such as mold spores) all over the house. This degrades your indoor air quality.

When Does Your Air Conditioner Need Servicing?

Most A/C equipment suppliers advise their clients to schedule annual inspections and tune-ups by qualified technicians. You might want to schedule the service visit during spring. Although summer may seem far away, a spring check-up is crucial in preparing the equipment for the hot season. Spring is also the perfect time, since AC contractors tend to be less busy.

This means you’ll not only find it easy to book an appointment, but the technicians will also have plenty of time to inspect the entire system. They will spot any issues that developed during winter. This provides the opportunity to correct them in time. But if, for any reason, you’re unable to schedule a spring tune-up, do so as soon as you can. The point here is to keep up with routine air conditioning maintenance to ensure your system won’t break down when you need it most.

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What’s Involved In An AC Tune-up?

Although there’s no industry standard for a cooling system tune-up, some of the crucial tasks your technician will perform include:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser coils, as well as other elements of the equipment.
  • Checking if the system is running smoothly, and at full efficiency.
  • Replacing all components that whose expiration dates are listed on the manual. Replacements are usually fixed at no cost, save for the labor charges.

In addition, most contractors will also perform static air pressure tests and temperature rise tests. They also check the connections and refrigerant levels.

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You Reap What You Sow

Although homeowners have to pay for annual AC tune-ups, the investment pays off in the long run. A unit that runs at optimal efficiency will save you money on your utility bills. A properly-maintained system is also likely to last longer. In fact, yours could serve your household for up to a 15 or more years. This is more than twice the duration one could really expect theirs to last without frequent tune-ups.

On the flip side, the damage resulting from uncorrected minor cooling issues will usually cost at least $100. When an issue spreads to crucial elements of the system, one might find themselves having to replace the entire unit. The costs of an AC replacement run deep into 4 figures. That said, a decent contractor will have the ability to spot such issues before they become more complicated. Overall, it will cost you less to pay for regular maintenance than it would to address the damage resulting from other less-serious issues, such as clogged drains.

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In a nutshell, there are some good reasons why all homeowners should schedule annual HVAC maintenance. A properly-maintained system is less likely to have serious problems, which reduces the need for emergency repairs. More importantly, spotting minor issues early enough will ensure you enjoy the comfort your equipment provides at all times. So take the effort to find a licensed, qualified HVAC technician now. This way, you’ll ensure your equipment stays up and running throughout the year.

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