Air Conditioning Options For Homes That Don’t Have A Ductwork System

woman enjoying ductless cooling

Many homes do not have air conditioners in them and it leaves homeowners wondering what air conditioning options they have available to them. It is no wonder, considering summers are more humid and hot than they were even ten years ago. In this article, we will explore these AC options so that homeowners can get an idea of what to expect. Click through to read more on this subject.

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Common Air Conditioner Problems You May Face This Summer

woman cooling herself with a fan due to broken air conditioner

Summers are unbearable without an AC system. Homeowners should make sure that they have a reliable cooling system in the coming months. This article discusses some common air conditioner issues that occur during the summer. By being aware of such problems, you can keep an eye out and avoid a major air conditioner malfunction.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs A Replacement

image of a person that blows warm air

Many air conditioners will not perform as expected. For example, they might operate in ways that will be bothersome. Acting quickly is necessary to prevent things from getting worse. However, some signs usually indicate the need for an approaching AC replacement. This article discusses some tell-tale signs for an air conditioner replacement.

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

woman talking about AC facts

Air conditioning is such an integral part of modern living. However, did you know many that have come before did not have an AC unit in their home? Air conditioning has a long history. Its humble beginning is proof of how creative we have become to achieve the level of comfort we enjoy today.

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Great End Of Summer Tips For Your Air Conditioner

air conditioner service

As the warm months wind down, it’s time to plan for AC maintenance work. It is a great time to check on the unit and make sure that it is still in good shape after the stress it went through. In this article, we discuss some tasks to add to your end-of-summer checklist.

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Top Myths About Air Conditioning

air conditioner services

Many myths exist about what air conditioning can and cannot do. In fact, many commonly believed myths can actually end up costing you more money in electrical bills and HVAC repair costs. In this article, we separate fact from fiction and debunk the myths so your central air can run more efficiently.

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Should I Be Concerned About AC Short Cycling?

short-cycling air conditioning unit

Air conditioners kick on until the desired temperature is reached, then turn off automatically. After a while, your home will heat up and trigger another cycle. The period between cycles tends to be fairly long. If you observe the AC turning on and off frequently, then you should investigate further.

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How People Kept Cool Before Central Air Conditioning Systems

electric fan

Air conditioners are incredibly crucial as they ensure every home and office is comfortable and habitable during the hot months of the year. When the AC malfunctions, most people usually look for emergency air conditioning repairs since few people can stay indoors without a working AC. That is why it is incredibly difficult to imagine…

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How To Choose An HVAC Company For Your Air Conditioner Repair

hvac company

HVAC contractors have different levels of expertise, just like people in other professions. Before parting with your hard-earned money and hiring an HVAC company at random, you need to see what your options are. In this article, we discuss some of the essential factors to consider when looking for an air conditioner repair company.

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