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Updated: August 24, 2020

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In the summer season, it is very common for us to hit temperatures well over 90°! Naturally, to find relief from the heat, many of us crank our air conditioners, leading to the inevitable increase in energy costs. However, even on the hottest of summer days, there are ways to conserve energy without needing to sacrificing comfort to do so. Below is a list of helpful energy-saving and air conditioning tips that you can use.

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Air Conditioning Tips For Energy Savings

Below, we discuss some useful tips that you can follow to save on energy costs during the summer. This way, you can stay cool and comfortable without having to pay a fortune to do so.

  • Windows, Shades & Blinds: We advise that you pull down your shades and close the curtains on windows that get a lot of sunlight. The sun heats rooms up substantially in the summer months. By preventing the sun from entering your home, your air conditioning system will not have to work as hard. Therefore, you can feel far more comfortable while saving on home cooling costs.
  • Thermostat Settings: When air-conditioning your home, set the thermostat at 78°. Be sure to use an electric fan. Fans do not consume as much energy, compared to an air conditioning system. Furthermore, the air will seem cooler without the need for sacrificing comfort. Be sure to turn the fan off when leaving the room. Fans cool people and not rooms.
  • High Energy Appliances: If you can, put off using high-energy appliances. These appliances include electric stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers until the evening. This is a great way to save on energy costs during the hot summer weather.
  • Non-Essential Appliances: To save on energy costs and feel more comfortable, limit the use of electrically heated water. You can also turn off non-essential appliances and as many lights as possible.
  • Refrigerator: Do you stand in front of the fridge with the door open while looking for something to eat? Instead, limit opening refrigerator or freezer doors as much as possible. This lets the cold air out, making your refrigerator use more energy.
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9 Energy Savings Tips:

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Below, we share some additional energy-saving tips that you can use during the summer season.

  • Schedule an air conditioner tune-up annually.
  • Use a minimum insulation rating of R-30 in your attic.
  • Make use of fans to circulate cool air when you are in rooms that have ceiling fans.
  • Use bathroom exhaust fans. These fans are designed to pull humidity and heat out of the house.
  • Grill outdoors or use the microwave to keep cool and save electricity.
  • Clean or replace the filters on your cooling system. Check them monthly and replace them when they are dirty.
  • Take advantage of the warm weather and dry your clothes on a clothesline outside. You’ll save energy since you won’t be using the dryer and, additionally, you won’t heat up your house.
  • Install a timer to operate your pool pump.
  • When going on vacation, shut off your water heater, turn off your air conditioning system, and disconnect appliances that will not be used during your absence.
  • If your air conditioning system is old and outdated, then it does not work as efficiently as it once did. Furthermore, advancements in technology have led to an increase in efficiency when it comes to modern air conditioning systems. Therefore, if you are using an old unit, then it may be time to invest in a new one to save on energy costs.
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