What Indoor Air Quality Products Really Improve Indoor Air Quality?

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Pollution is everywhere: out in the busy streets and inside our own homes. We may not have the power to control the outside environment, but we can certainly try to improve the indoor air quality in our home. Our HVAC system not only keeps our home at a comfortable temperature, but it also cleans our air with its filtration system. However, you can even go further to achieve healthy indoor air by installing UV air purifiers, effective indoor air quality products, to work in conjunction with your HVAC system. The use of ultraviolet light can help destroy harmful pathogens in the air.

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What Is A UV Air Purifier?

UV air purifiers are devices capable of destroying airborne biological hazards like mold, viruses, and bacteria. Thus, these devices are highly recommended in households that are prone to respiratory ailments. Some are sold as stand-alone products while others are offered as units that can be installed inside existing HVAC systems. Study your options to find out what would work best for you. Many portable ionizing air purifiers tend to generate ozone, which is harmful to your lungs and health. UV air purifiers have been proven to be effective against air particulates, VOCs, biological contaminants, and more.1 To learn more about indoor air quality products and solutions, call Point Bay Fuel, your local indoor air quality specialists.

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How Does It Improve Indoor Air Quality?

UV air purifiers have lamps that produce potent ultraviolet light called UV-C. This has high-energy photons that stop pathogens from reproducing and, instead, damages their DNA.3 A brief UV exposure is enough to ensure that most of these indoor pollutants die off before having a chance to multiply or harm anyone in the family. The process is simple yet remarkably effective. In fact, germicidal irradiation with ultraviolet light is also used in purifying food and water on an industrial scale. 2

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The Importance Of Good Indoor Air Quality

In this day and age, having healthy indoor air quality is vital. Although there is much discussion about outdoor air pollution, many do not realize the air inside their home can be just as, if not more polluted. Therefore, to preserve the health of the home’s occupants, indoor air quality should be high on the list of priorities.

1. Avoid Allergies And Respiratory Problems

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You need to pay attention to indoor air quality if you want to avoid common health issues. For example, some airborne contaminants such as mold can trigger allergies. Persistent symptoms like cough, itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing can interfere with daily activities. These contaminants can also induce asthma, pneumonia, and other dangerous respiratory problems.

2. Improve Indoor Home Comfort

Even if a household isn’t prone to ailments, it is still a good idea to increase the quality of the air inside for the sake of indoor comfort. People can readily detect if an environment has clean air. You will feel light and relaxed as soon as you walk in. You will love staying in all day such that spending time at home is a welcome idea.

3. Eliminate Bad House Odors

image of a woman noticing a bad odor at home

Bad odors are often due to biological contaminants. For example, bacteria can cause foul smell in things like moist carpet, stored fruits, HVAC systems, and so on. Regular cleaning is vital in eliminating bad odors. Killing bacteria that are floating around in the air can help improve the odor of your home.

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4. Reduce HVAC Maintenance Requirements

HVAC air filter replacement is one of the most common maintenance chores for homeowners. UV air purifiers can reduce the contaminants and prevent their growth. Air filter replacements won’t be needed as often. The same is true for the coils and ducts, which will require less cleaning. Of course, a dirty HVAC system promotes poor indoor air quality and impacts the level of wear and tear on a system. Therefore, a UV air purifier can help prolong the system’s lifespan while avoiding unnecessary HVAC repair costs in the meantime.

What Kind Of UV Air Purifier Should I Buy?

Although there are various makes and models of UV air purifiers on the market, there are two that stand out. We discuss them below:

APCO-X UV Air Purifier

apco x uv air purifier

The APCO-X is a whole-house air treatment system designed for installation inside HVAC equipment. This product from Fresh-Aire UV is capable of reducing odor-causing volatile organic compounds and biological contaminants. It is usually paired with a particulate filter to create a complete indoor air quality solution.

This has a UV-C lamp protruding from a translucent polycarbonate housing. It has a faceplate that can rotate to accommodate either vertical or horizontal installation. There is an LED status indicator and lamp fault indicator for ease of troubleshooting. The germicidal lamp sterilizes mold, viruses, and bacteria. It is rated to last for 3 years. The rest of the product has a lifetime warranty.

Apco X air purifying system

APCO-X also features a V-Twin element that has a large effective carbon surface area. Inside of this are EverCarbon cells with highly effective antimicrobial properties. It captures VOCs, turning them into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide which can be released back into the air with no worries.

UV air filters are mostly safe with the only concern being the production of ozone which is potentially harmful to the atmosphere. This is not a problem with APCO-X as the product has been validated as ozone-free by the independent safety certification company UL.

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Blue-Tube UV Air Purifying System

The Blue-Tube UV air purifier is another product from Fresh-Aire UV. It has the distinction of being the world’s most popular germ-killing UV light for heating and cooling systems. People who want to be protected from invisible pathogens can install this to have peace of mind.

It has a much simpler design than the APCO-X as it doesn’t have the carbon filters. However, that doesn’t make it less effective for its purpose. The lamp that it comes with is still capable of fighting off biological contaminants circulating inside HVAC systems. The company recommends its installation near the cooling coils of a central air system.

The Blue-Tube UV system can kill more than 99% of all airborne contaminants after the initial 24 hours of use. These include allergens, viruses, mold, and bacteria. If you need a basic and affordable UV system, then this is a choice.


Depending on your needs, it is best to speak with an HVAC company to find out which UV air purifying system will work best for you. HVAC contractors specialize in the ventilation and indoor air quality of a home. Therefore, one with experience and knowledge in the latest advancements of HVAC technology can find the system that best matches your needs. Call Point Bay Fuel today for a free consultation.

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Indoor air quality is a major concern among many homeowners. No one wants a home filled with allergens, foul odors, and disease-causing germs. UV air purifiers provide tremendous help in eliminating unwanted airborne contaminants for better health and all-day comfort.

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