From Air Filters to Air Conditioner Installation, Discover 10 Ways to Go Green

AC unitMost people know that HVAC units are the biggest energy hogs in a home accounting for nearly half of the energy used during peak summer months. With the rising costs of R-22, increased awareness toward energy consumption and focus on environmental concerns, many are pushing towards green HVAC solutions, such as energy efficient air conditioner installation.

Whether it’s investing in an efficient water heater to lower your carbon footprint or a new air conditioner installation to lower your monthly bills, you can adopt simple ways to go green at home and at the office. Here are ten to get you started.

10 Ways Anyone Can Go Green from the Air Conditioner Installation Experts at Point Bay Fuel

  1. energy efficient AC installationKeep air filters clean and remember to replace them every three months.
  2. Inspect duct work. Inadequate ducting can lead to an approximate 20% loss in HVAC system efficiency.
  3. Install a programmable or smart thermostat (away from heat and cooling sources such as registers or windows). For every degree set cooler than 75 degrees, you could use three to five percent more energy. For the most comfort and ultimate savings, program the temperature on your thermostat to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Create some shade. In the hot summer months, consider hanging insulated, black-out drapes on windows. They not only help keep the indoors cooler in summer, but also warmer in winter. Shading your condensing unit can also reduce AC costs by 1-2%.
  5. Take a walk around each room to ensure that vents are open and not blocked by furniture, rugs or drapes.
  6. Install an attic ventilator to draw cool air throughout the house which can provide the same level of comfort as an AC without using as much energy.
  7. Since ceiling fans consume less energy than an AC, the added air circulation allows you to keep temperature settings a little warmer. For summer months, rotate the fans counterclockwise to create a wind-chill effect; in the winter, rotate the blades clockwise to produce a gentle updraft.
  8. Schedule regular servicing to maintain designed performance levels. With the proper care, your HVAC equipment will work more efficiently (and economically) and be more dependable for future use.
  9. When the time comes to invest in a new air conditioner installation, research your options first. ENERGY STAR-certified units are based on efficient technology in comparison to traditional systems. They can help you cut as much as half of your energy costs and are also eco-friendly. Plus, if you take advantage of the attractive tax credit offers for upgrades, you can save even more!
  10. Verify that your new air conditioner installation is the correct size, has the correct air flow rate specified by the manufacturer and has an accurate refrigerant charge.

Air Conditioner Installation In NJ By Point Bay Fuel

At Point Bay, we install and service products that give you noticeable savings on your utility bills and allow you to enjoy a green, eco-friendly lifestyle. Trust in our expert technicians for the quality solutions to help you save on efficient air conditioner installation for your home or place of business; call us today at (732) 349-5059 to learn more.