From Air Filters to Air Conditioner Installation, Discover 10 Ways to Go Green

energy efficient AC installation

Most people know that HVAC units are the biggest energy hogs in a home accounting for nearly half of the energy used during peak summer months. With the rising costs of R-22, increased awareness toward energy consumption and focus on environmental concerns, many are pushing towards green HVAC solutions, such as energy efficient air conditioner installation. Click through to read more on this subject.

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6 Tips to Make Your Room Air Conditioner More Efficient

Make room air conditioner more efficient with home automation system. Directly make changes to your AC unit from your smartphone.

Summertime savings can be a difficult feat, especially, when your room air conditioning system is running for most of the day (and night). Add that to the fact that over the years, your AC system has probably lost some efficiency and you can kiss any big savings goodbye. But FEAR NOT!! There are still some…

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