The Top 7 Benefits Of A Ductless Split System

advantages of ductless hvac systems

Many homeowners are starting to take interest in ductless splits. As their name implies, ductless systems do not require a network of ducts to distribute conditioned air. However, they still provide reliable heating and cooling performance. Is a ductless split system the right option for you? Take a look at the ductless split system benefits before you make a decision.

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What Is A Ductless Mini-Split System?

A ductless mini-split system is a type of heating and cooling system that delivers hot or cold air without requiring the installation of ductwork. Ductless heating and cooling systems allow individualized temperature control of rooms and spaces.

A ductless mini-split has two main components – the outdoor condenser and the indoor air handler. The two units connect via cables, tubing, and a drain line. The indoor unit distributes conditioned air into indoor spaces.

Mini-splits generally have multiple indoor air handlers, each of which can be controlled independently, temperature-wise. The outdoor heat pump either absorbs or distributes heat, depending on the season or preferred use.

A ductless system can either be a single-zone or a multi-zone setup. A single-zone system conditions air in a single space or room. It is often used for under-served areas of the home, such as the basement, patio, or a newly-built addition. A multi-zone system, on the other hand, can deliver conditioned air to several rooms or spaces. The only difference is that the temperature in every room can be set independently.

One of the best ductless split system benefits is that it can heat and cool spaces in a home independently, which means that comfort can be personalized. Ductless systems are also highly efficient and stable. With good maintenance, they can remain reliable for many years.


Ductless Systems & Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini-split systems have consistently rated high in terms of energy efficiency. On average, ductless systems earn the Energy Star rating due to their performance. Since the system can be programmed to heat or cool only certain zones or rooms, you save more in energy consumption. To cut down energy costs further, you could turn off indoor air handlers in rooms that are vacant and turn them on only if they are occupied.


Mini-Split Systems Improve Indoor Air Quality

Mini-split systems do more than just condition air. They also help improve the quality of air indoors. With advanced filtrations, ductless HVAC systems can trap and prevent harmful particulates from being distributed into the rooms.

Ductwork is often notorious for collecting pollutants. Since a ductless system does not require ductwork, there is no component that will trap harmful particulates.

Unlike window type ACs, ductless heating and cooling systems do not collect mold, bacteria, dust, and other microorganisms. The high-efficiency air filters that the units come with are also easy to clean and replace.

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Ductless Zoning

One of the most outstanding features of a ductless mini-split system is zoning. Zoning allows you to assign rooms or spaces into different zones. The temperature of each zone can be customized to fit individual cooling and heating needs. With customized comfort, you get to enjoy a cool and inviting environment as well. Ductless zoning units are also built to operate quietly. As such, you can enjoy a virtually noise- and distraction-free environment.


Ductless HVAC Systems Installations

Since no ductwork system is necessary, ductless HVAC systems are relatively easier to install. On average, you can expect the installation process to be completed in a day. If you happen to be at home during the ductless installation, you can be assured that any activities you may have will be largely uninterrupted. The absence of ductwork also means that you will have no issues regarding special permits or building walls to accommodate ductwork. To connect the indoor and outdoor units, the technician merely has to drill a small, 3-inch hole through the wall.

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Reduced Home Heating & Cooling Costs

Some experts estimate that you could cut cooling and heating costs by about 30% if you switch to ductless from a conventional AC. Since ductless HVAC systems are highly efficient, they consume less energy without sacrificing performance.

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Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

With a high-efficiency ductless HVAC system, not only are your heating and cooling costs reduced, but you also consume less energy, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. As such, ductless systems put less burden on the environment and your pockets as well.

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Flexible Heating & Cooling Solutions

Ductless HVAC systems have a wide range of applications for both residential and commercial uses. They are excellent options for small rooms, new additions, attics, offices, and basements. They also solve heating and cooling issues in problematic rooms, such as those that experience higher or lower temperatures than the rest of the building.

Many homeowners who have a central HVAC system in place use their ductless system to lower your heating and cooling costs since ductless HVAC systems are si energy efficient. Ductless is also the way to go to create comfort for older historic homes without existing HVAC ductwork.



A ductless HVAC system offers a number of advantages that conventional AC systems cannot. These systems are highly efficient, provide even heating and cooling, ease of installation, and reduced energy costs. With ductless systems, you can also enjoy zoned heating and cooling that allows you to control your indoor environment, so you get to enjoy the type of comfort that suits you best. Are you ready to make a decision? Call your trusted HVAC contractor now to discuss your needs.

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