7 HVAC Tips For A Strong End To Winter

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The coldest days of winter are now starting to fade. What lies ahead is a transition to warm weather as we move towards spring. This means that the furnace will soon be resting for a while. The milder temperatures will allow you to do some work on your HVAC system without too much discomfort. For those who want to end the season on a strong note, below are a few end of winter hvac tips:

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Check Your HVAC Air Filter

Lots of heating and cooling problems can be traced to the air filters. When these get too dirty, they prevent air from getting in. Consequently, the system begins struggling to breathe. This forces the equipment to work harder to keep air passing through and maintain ideal temperatures. It consumes more energy, which makes heating or cooling more expensive for the household. Since January and February tend to be the coldest months, the furnace is likely to run constantly to generate more heat. You need to check if the furnace filter is up to the task. Clean it up or replace it right away to make the system run more efficiently.

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Consider Upgrading Your HVAC Unit

Since it is technically still winter, few will be thinking about upgrading their unit at this time. Most will try to wait it out until temperatures have gotten to the point where they can do away with the HVAC system for awhile. The problem with this strategy is that this can waste a lot of time and condemn the family to months of discomfort. It may also keep the energy costs elevated due to damaged parts. With swift action, all of these can be prevented. A highly problematic heater should be replaced as soon as possible to keep everyone comfortable for the rest of the winter up to the colder days of spring.

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Inspect Your HVAC Air Ducts

Air filters are not the only components that get dirty. The ducts can also suffer from the same fate. As dirt and dust enter the system, deposits build up along the ducts until clogs become an issue. This will put a similar strain on the system as it cannot work as efficiently as it should. It will also result in poor air quality, which can affect the health of the family, especially those who are vulnerable to respiratory ailments. These should be inspected and cleaned periodically. It can be hard work, so it is best to let the experts perform this with their specialized tools.

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Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Don’t wait for the end of winter before you act. Schedule HVAC maintenance right away so you can be first in line for their spring visits. A lot of households that do spring cleaning take this opportunity to include the HVAC system. However, all the slots can fill quickly. If you act now, then you can secure an early spring slot and finish maintenance work before the mad rush begins. Any issue in the furnace can be found and fixed right away. The air conditioner can also get a tune-up so that it’s ready to face the coming summer.

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Consider A Thermostat Upgrade

If you aren’t quite ready to replace your whole system, then consider making small but meaningful upgrades instead. The thermostat is a good place to start. There are lots of new models with impressive features that increase efficiency and convenience. For example, you can get a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature to your desired levels at certain times of the day. The system can lay low during your scheduled work hours and come back to life right before you arrive. Some even have WiFi so you can control the smart thermostats using your mobile phone wherever you may be.

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Reduce Energy Loss Through Drafty Windows

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Drafty windows cause air to escape. The heating and cooling system may be working hard but the house will never feel quite right if there are gaps around doors and windows. Therefore, you should look for these gaps and seal them up. If you have already done so before and the problem persists, perhaps there are areas that you missed. HVAC contractors can help identify air drafts and other weaknesses along the walls. These will be dealt with immediately. Thermal curtains may also be hung across windows to prevent thermal loss.

Clean Up Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is vulnerable to debris and precipitation. It is likely to collect leaves, gunk, salt residue, and stale water throughout winter. All of them can interfere with its functions. If you want the unit to work as it should, then clean it up from time to time. The HVAC system will work more efficiently with proper care. For tasks that are beyond removing debris, then call an HVAC company.

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The seasons change in a predictable pattern. Think ahead and do what’s necessary to keep your HVAC system in top shape to avoid problems. You will enjoy a longer service life, better energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and a higher degree of comfort. Talk to a reputable HVAC company today to schedule your next system maintenance or repair.

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