Earth Month: ENERGY STAR Appliance Benefits

earthmonthblueApril has arrived! As has winter melted away and spring has made its entrance, it is worth pausing during Earth Month to consider how you can make your home more energy efficient. Energy Star appliances cost less to run and are much more efficient than standard equipment. If you are a New Jersey homeowner due for some spring-cleaning in the appliance department, consider switching to energy efficient appliances and see how Energy Star equipment will benefit your home.

What is the Energy Star Program?

The Energy Star Program comes from a collaboration between the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Energy Star appliances are significantly more energy-efficient than standard, comparable models and carry a special label to identify them as such. Any appliance company can apply for Energy Star status for their equipment if, based on standard testing procedures, the appliance’s energy efficiency significantly surpasses minimum government standards.
Individual appliances are tested and rated differently depending on the type, such as washers versus refrigerators. Depending on the available technology, some appliances must meet much higher energy efficiency standards in order to achieve Energy Star status.

Reduce Air Pollution

The benefits of switching to energy efficient appliances are vast, but protecting the environment is a huge factor to consider. Most homes are powered by electrical energy from power plants that burn fossil fuels, the process of which contributes to smog and global warming. In fact, your home likely causes more air pollution than your vehicle. Energy Star appliances run more efficiently and use less energy, reducing your electrical needs and the amount of air pollution your home contributes to the environment.

Lower Electricity Bills

Some major appliances have dazzling features or sleek designs, but most equipment essentially looks the same from brand to brand. The real difference is in how effectively and efficiently each appliance runs. Operating costs are another factor: the more energy efficient a major appliance is, the less it will cost to run. This means that switching to energy efficient appliances can help you see significant savings on your monthly utility bill.

Increase Appliance Effectiveness

Many Energy Star appliances take advantage of new technologies to increase both efficiency and overall effectiveness. Old units consume huge amounts of energy, driving up your utility bill and using way more energy resources then necessary. Modern machines with Energy Star labels run more effectively without over-consuming energy.

With these benefits in mind, consider supporting Earth Month and reducing your home’s energy consumption and expenses by upgrading to Energy Star appliances.