Furnace Tune-Up Cost: What To Expect

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All heating and cooling equipment can last for many years with regular maintenance. Over time, however, even the most robust heater will begin to show its age. In many cases, you do not really need a major repair or replacement. It is likely you only need a heater tune-up. Unfortunately, with every reasonable offer you receive, you will likely encounter a dozen dubious deals via bait-and-switch ads. The sooner you understand what goes into a furnace maintenance cost, the better you will be able to identify the best service for your needs.

In this article, we discuss what you need to know about selecting an HVAC company when scheduling a furnace tune-up. Additionally, we discuss what to expect to pay and how these costs are determined.

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Be Wary of Bait-and-Switch Tactics

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Here’s why you should be very careful when you are offered a heater tune-up deal at a very low prices. In our area of New Jersey, it is possible that you’ll see tune-up offers of $79.00 or less and at first glance, this looks like a great deal. However, when the service technician comes to your house to service the equipment, he will likely perform a few checks, and all of a sudden, the quoted price is thrown to the wayside and a new, more expensive service is offered to you.

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The Bait

This is called a bait-and-switch tactic. Sadly, it is fairly common. It is actually a type of fraud that is often found in retail, sales, and service industries, including the HVAC industry. The bait is the advertising – “Low, Low Prices on a Heater Tune-Up and Other Services!”, “Lowest Prices Guaranteed”, “Why Pay More When We Charge You Less?” or something to that effect. The offer price is so low, you are hooked by the low price.

The Switch

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Next, the switch. This is when the sneaky part of the ad comes in. The service technician performs the pre-requisite system checkup. This is to be expected. It is likely they will take a while to do the job and may even talk you through the problems with your heating system. You will probably notice that as the technician talks, he will be naming different issues with your heater, and gradually, the issues pile up.

Many times, these unscrupulous HVAC companies will try to sell you on many upgrades or even a complete system upgrade, costing thousands of dollars! These bait and switch tactics cost homeowners much more than originally anticipated.

Point Bay Fuel never implements these types of deceptive tactics and with us, you’ll know exactly what you are getting for the prices we offer.

What Point Bay Fuel Offers

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At Point Bay Fuel, we are far more straightforward about the cost of our HVAC services. Our aim is to provide our customers with honest, knowledgeable services.

For most heater tune-up work, we charge between $125 to $250, including parts replacement. If you have a well-maintained system, expect an annual tune-up to cost approximately $175.00, including the replacement of parts that are designed to be changed every year. This includes oil filters, nozzles, strainers, and more.

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Factors That Impact Furnace Tune-Up Costs

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all to cover all expenses related to heater tune-up. Ultimately, certain factors will affect the final cost of the service. Some of these factors are:

Age Of The Heating System & Lack of Maintenance


An older furnace generally requires more attention, especially if it has not received regular maintenance. Wear-and-tear, older components and damaged parts make the tune-up work much more difficult. The more difficult the work required to restore the unit, the higher the cost that will be charged for the service.

HVAC Parts Replacement

In case some parts or components have to be replaced, such as in the case of an older furnace or one that was used heavily, expect the cost for the tune-up to be higher. This is especially true if the parts that have to be replaced are non-routine parts. This often happens when the unit is about to reach its maximum life expectancy.

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The Size Of The Furnace

Larger units typically require more work and will generally cost more to service. Residential units are generally smaller and often simpler. Larger, commercial-type systems are often more complex with multiple compressors. These systems will require more labor work and often come with more expensive materials/components.

Difficult To Reach Furnace Systems

If your heating system is located in a crawlspace or an area that is not easily accessible, the technician may have some difficulty performing work. Narrow spaces such as crawlspaces significantly limit maneuvering and manual work. Any checkups, tune-ups, or repair work will also take longer to complete.

Why Heater Tune-Ups Are Necessary

Reduced Heating Costs

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A well-maintained heating system is an efficient system. If it suffers from a lack of tune-ups and care, it will have to work harder just to generate the level of heat required to keep a home or building comfortable. As such, it will have to use more energy – energy that you will have to pay for eventually.

Reduced Wear And Tear On The Heating System

Regular use of the heating system puts the components through the whole grind. This action, while normal, can cause gradual damage to the furnace parts that could have been prevented if the system was checked regularly. Regular maintenance helps protect key components and correct any problems early.

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Prevent Unnecessary Heater Repair Costs

Without maintenance, the furnace system is more likely to break down and suffer from premature damage. Of course, repairs become necessary. However, if they are prevented, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars each year from paying heater repair costs.

Preventive Heater Maintenance Brings Down Cost

When your HVAC contractor performs regular maintenance, they can address any issues before they escalate. Preventive maintenance helps identify potentially problematic issues that will cost more to fix later.

Increased Energy Efficiency

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An HVAC technician will check the key components of the furnace system during a heater tune-up. These include the heat exchanger and the furnace burner. Any issues with these components can be identified immediately and resolved, ensuring that the heater works perfectly. Likewise, a technician will lubricate all of the components to ensure that the system is not stressed during operation. All of this work helps the system perform more efficiently, reducing home heating costs.

Enhanced Levels Of Comfort

Well-maintained furnaces can ensure proper airflow. This keeps the comfort level inside a home or building at an optimum level.

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Improved Indoor Air Quality

A heater tune-up will help reduce clogging and remove any debris that may be present. As such, the furnace will produce only clean air indoors.

Ensures Safe Heating System Operation

Heating systems require fuel to generate heat. Since these systems rely on a combustion process, they have to be well-maintained to prevent the risks of gas leaks and harmful carbon monoxide buildup.

What Is An HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

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When you enroll your heating system in an HVAC maintenance agreement, you ensure that it will receive regular checkups and maintenance by a professional either on an annual or a semi-annual basis. You simply choose the maintenance plan that fits your HVAC service needs. With an active maintenance agreement, you are assured that your HVAC checkups are never overlooked. This will ensure that you save on costs and that your system is well-maintained and running at optimum performance. Furthermore, you will also enjoy special services and discounts not available to other clients.

Point Bay is a full-service company, so you are assured of a complete line of HVAC services to address your every concern. With our trained professionals and years of experience in the industry, we have the capability to offer you timely and accurate services that prioritize your heating needs, comfort, and safety at a reasonable cost. Also, a maintenance agreement from a Full-Service company, like Point Bay, includes the annual tune-up cost, many parts that might need replacing, free repairs on covered parts, and discounts on any other parts. Click here to see the various HVAC maintenance plans that Point Bay Fuel offers.

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Like all types of equipment, your heating system can perform at its best if it receives regular tune-ups and maintenance. Do not wait for the winter months or for problems to occur before calling for service. To ensure that you receive the services you actually need, make sure to transact only with a reputable HVAC company. The sooner you have your furnace serviced, the more you will enjoy better comfort when you need it most.

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Many homeowners neglect to have a heater inspection because they don’t want to pay the furnace tune-up cost. Paying for a tune-up is much cheaper than paying for an expensive breakdown later on. When your heater is functioning properly, it will save a significant amount of money on your energy bills each month. Likewise, your home will feel much more comfortable. To schedule a heater or HVAC tune-up, you should contact Point Bay Fuel.

Point Bay Fuel offers expert heating and cooling services throughout Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey. This includes HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installations. Our services can improve your system’s efficiency, enhance your comfort, and improve your indoor air quality. Furthermore, all HVAC tune-ups can reduce your home heating and cooling costs. Overall, our tune-ups are a small investment with a big return.

Be sure to schedule a heater tune-up before the cold weather arrives. This way you will ensure that your system is ready to keep you nice and warm throughout the winter. Let our certified technicians use their skills and experience to service your heater. Call Point Bay Fuel today to speak to one of our home comfort specialists.

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