Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Fall Season

image of fall leaves depicting fall checklist for home maintenance

Fall is a favorite season for many people because it brings milder weather, color-changing foliage, much-awaited football games, and Halloween!

However, with the coming of the season, expect lower temperatures and messy yards as trees begin to shed their leaves. And yes, there are other concerns as well that will likely affect your home and comfort.

If you prepare your home for the fall season, you will be able to prevent discomfort and safety issues when the cold, harsh winter months finally come. Right now is the best time to create a fall checklist for home maintenance to prep your home and get you ready for fall and eventually, winter.

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What Should Your Home Maintenance Checklist Be Like?

A good home maintenance checklist plan should detail the steps you need to take to protect your home and your household. Here are 10 steps to help you get ready for fall.

1. Get Your Heating System Checked

image of a furnace tune-up by an hvac contractor

Expect temperatures to continue to dip throughout the fall season. Soon, you will need to rely on your heating system to keep your home warm. This is when you should be proactive about the most important tasks for the coming months.

To keep your heating system in good shape, make sure to have it checked and inspected by a certified HVAC professional. A trained technician can thoroughly inspect your heating system and perform minor repairs and replacements when needed. The technician can also perform important tasks such as routine cleaning and parts lubrication. A routine heater tune-up can help improve performance and ensure that the system will remain energy-efficient. A clean system will also improve and maintain excellent indoor air quality. To schedule a furnace tune-up, call Point Bay Fuel today.

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2. Schedule Your Heating Oil Delivery

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The last thing you want to happen is to run out of heating oil in the middle of fall or winter. If you use heating oil, get in touch with your local oil supplier, like Point Bay Fuel, and have your delivery scheduled. This will ensure that you have a sufficient supply of heating oil during the cold months. Plus, you will also pay less by ordering ahead. When you avoid the peak season, you enjoy certain discounts that heating oil companies offer. If you want to know how you can save on heating oil, ask Point Bay Fuel about our products, payment plans, and fuel delivery options.

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3. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Through Insulation

Chances are, there are gaps and cracks in your home that allow warm air to escape. Air leaks cause your heating system to work harder and use more fuel. Even the most efficient furnace will fail to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature if warm air continues to escape through gaps and unsealed joints. To avoid this, check doors and windows for gaps. You can easily fix this by applying weather stripping, window films, foam tape, and caulking. You can also keep your indoor spaces warm by using insulated curtains. If you have an older home, have the condition of your insulation checked and if necessary, replaced with a high R-value insulating material.

4. Replace Alarm Batteries

replacing batteries in smoke detector

Should your heating system malfunction, your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector must be able to detect any problems right away. As long as your alarms work, you have a level of protection that will ensure your safety. Now that the season has come when your furnace will be in use regularly, your alarms must be reliable. Keep in mind that smoke is often a precursor to a deadly fire and carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. Make sure to replace the batteries on these alarms regularly.

5. Inspect Your Home For Potential Physical Issues

With winter only a few months away, make sure your home is safe as well as comfortable. Start with the parts of the home that are outside or are exposed to the weather. Check the stairs, railings, walkways, and driveways for broken or damaged parts. Fix any issues right away before the cold weather sets in. Cold, snowy conditions make repairs more difficult, so starting early helps. Check railings for sturdiness and reliability. Loose boards, nails sticking out, and slippery walkways will require your attention.

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6. Take Good Care Of Your Shrubs And Trees

Trees show off their colors during the fall season and the sight of color transitioning from one shade to the next is awe-inspiring. Fall is a good season to check the health and condition of the trees in your yard. If the leaves change color too early or if the tree has dead branches, you might want to check it for certain diseases. If you have prized trees or just want to preserve your yard, call a professional to help care for your plants.

7. Get Rid Of Fallen Leaves

raking leaves in the fall

Leaves that have fallen on the ground can evoke excitement for many people. Dogs love them as well. However, keep in mind that leaves are organic materials and will soon decompose. They also tend to decompose and rot faster in wet weather. Once they are covered in snow, they will be more difficult to remove. Use a rake to gather the leaves and dispose of them appropriately.

8. Get Your Gutters And Downspouts Ready

If you have trees or tall shrubs next to your home, it is likely that your gutters and downspouts are prone to clogging. Dead leaves, twigs, even fruits from the nearby tree can collect in the gutters and prevent the proper flow of water. The organic matter could also begin to rot and cause corrosion in the metal components of the gutters and downspouts. To control this issue, trim the trees and shrubs regularly and clean the gutters. If you want a more thorough job, you could hire a professional cleaner to do it for you.

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9. Repair What Needs To Be Fixed

checking the condition of the home's roof

Check your roofing for any signs of damage. Loose parts, rust, bent components, and the like all contribute to major repairs later. Check the exterior foundation and siding as well. These are the parts of a structure that are exposed to environmental stress. If there are major issues with these areas, you should be able to identify them early so they can be repaired right away.

10. Drain Hoses And Shut Off Exterior Faucets

Last on this list but equally as important is ensuring that garden hoses are drained and removed for storage. Exterior faucets must also be shut off. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences extremely low temperatures, even in fall. Frozen hoses and faucets can freeze, expand, and become damaged. When you anticipate very low temperatures, drain your hoses, and shut off and cover the faucets.

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