Prepare Your Home In The Fall, Before Winter Arrives

getting ready for fallYou want to protect your home from the cold winter temperatures, but you want to do it before winter arrives. The perfect time to take action is in the fall. In autumn, the conditions are mild and you won’t have to rush. Sure, it’s never fun to work on the fall to-do list, but you will be thankful you did when winter does finally arrive.

Preparing for the autumn…

includes both indoor and outdoor tasks, including a heater tune-up. Brick, New Jersey residents will want to prepare now, well before winter is here. Here at Point Bay Fuel, we can help you prepare with the heating system maintenance services we offer. This will ensure your home is warm when you need it to be the most.

In the rest of this article, we’ll discuss some of the tasks you should do before the cold temperatures arrive.


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Preparing Ahead Of Winter

Now is the perfect time to start doing…

any additional work on your home. By doing it now, you will enjoy the luxury of being able to take your time, which is not the case if you do things in the winter. With that said, you can do the following:

General Cleanup

Do a general cleanup around the home this autumn. Instead of only doing a spring cleaning, do a fall cleaning too. By doing a cleanup twice per year, you won’t have much of a mess to take care of each time. Besides that, you’ll have far more space for the stuff you need during the cold winter months.

Locate Leaks And Seal Them Up

Your heating system works harder than it has to when air leaks are present. Your heater uses more energy to keep your home heated, and this means higher utility bills. Locate air leaks and seal them up right away. Look around your doors and windows because this is where they are commonly found. Cracks along the walls can sometimes have air leaks too. By doing this, you can save as much as 10% in your monthly energy bills.

Clean The Gutters

fall maintenance checklistGutters catch debris and leaves, which can cause clogs. This means they won’t drain out snow and water as effectively as they should. This can result in flooding and gutter damage. Clean your gutters and remove leaves and other debris that can cause clogs.

Inspect Your Roof

Inspect your roof in the fall and look for signs of leaks, cracks and holes. If you find any, fix them. If there are bald spots, then buy new shingles to cover them up and seal even the smallest of holes because if you don’t, they will get bigger. They will also get harder and more expensive to fix.

Freeze-Proof Your Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures that are exposed can freeze during the winter. Water expands and eventually become ice during extremely cold temperatures. This can cause pipes to burst. You want to find exposed plumbing fixtures that are located outdoors and freeze-proof them. Drain the line and cover faucets with styrofoam products. This will protect them from freezing up during winter.

Clean Your Humidifier

Clean your humidifier this autumn because…

this will ensure it will work properly. Inspect all of its elements and clean them if they are dirty. The best way to clean it is to use a detergent solution. Afterwards, rinse off the detergent with water. If there are mineral deposits that won’t come off, then use a brush with very hard bristles to scrape it off. A humidifier that functions properly will prevent wood from cracking.

Get A Tune-up For Your Heating System

heater tune-up services in brick njThe fall is the perfect time to schedule a tune-up on your heating system.

A tune-up will keep your system is running efficiently. It can solve many issues, such as noise, unreliability and inefficiency. Such problems can be caused by dirty ducts and faulty thermostats to name a few. If there is an underlying issue, the professionals will find them, fix them, and give you advice on how to take care of your system. Remember, it’s much cheaper to fix problems as soon as you find them instead of repairing them later on. Schedule an appointment with a professional and they will more than happy to perform a heater tune-up.


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Heater Tune-Up Brick NJ

Do not be like many homeowners and skip a tune-up due to furnace tune-up cost. The price of a tune-up is worth it because minor issues can be found and fixed quickly. If you ignore issues, they will only grow into more expensive and complex problems. A tune-up will ensure your heating system is ready for the winter and can play a role in reducing heating costs. Contact Point Bay Fuel today to schedule a tune-up on your heating system.

nate certifiedPoint Bay Fuel offers HVAC services and fuel delivery. This includes heater maintenance, repairs, and installations. It is important to schedule a heater tune-up before the wintry weather arrives. This way, you will ensure that your system can do its job of keeping your home warm even when it is cold outside. Our NATE certified technicians can use their skills and experience to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Call us today to speak to one of our home comfort specialists.


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