Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: What Are New Homeowners Looking For?

Heating and Air Conditioning SystemsA long lifespan and hassle-free performance. When it comes to heating and air conditioning systems, new homeowners are looking for a reliable unit that will provide top performance for years to come.

According to a survey conducted by Emerson Climate Technologies, residents not only want energy efficiency and home comfort, but also a long lifespan and years of worry-free performance. It’s understandable that reliability is a top attribute; new homeowners want to buy a home and have peace of mind that comes along with it. Knowing they’ve purchased a home with a good system, one that has been installed professionally, and maintained regularly can be one of the key factors that influences their purchasing decisions.

Top 18 Qualities New Homeowners Want in Their Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

According to the survey of approximately 1,500 homeowners in the U.S., here are 18 top factors on Heating and Air Conditioning systems that the respondents desired in order of importance:

  1. HVAC system reliability for the long-term
  2. Low monthly operating costs that deliver the best efficiency for the dollar
  3. The unit always produces desired air temperature
  4. Overall purchase price
  5. HVAC produces even temperature throughout the home without those notorious hot or cold spots
  6. HVAC is reliable and requires little routine maintenance
  7. The HVAC equipment is adequately covered by a warranty
  8. The HVAC system can be easily (and quickly) repaired if it breaks down
  9. A trusted contractor installs it
  10. The heating and cooling systems both operate quietly
  11. It comes with the best technologies available today
  12. It keeps the air clean throughout the home
  13. The system maintains a desired humidity level in any season
  14. It creates a steady air flow without strong drafts of cold/hot air when it’s kicked on
  15. It’s eco-friendly and minimizes impact to the global environment
  16. The system sends an automatic notification when it needs servicing or repair
  17. It removes unpleasant odors from the air
  18. The HVAC unit connects via a smart thermostat so residents can remotely monitor and control the home’s climate via the internet

Key Takeaways of the Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Survey

Whether you have your home up for sale, are currently looking to purchase a new HVAC unit or are in the market to buy a new home, take your time to do some research about your heating and air conditioning systems. And then find a local contractor, like our professionals at Point Bay Fuel, who you know and trust to help you through the process.

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