Winter Heating Tips

winter heating tips

When the temperature starts to drop in New Jersey, a reliable furnace is a necessity. To save on energy costs, you should also use energy-saving tips such as a programmable thermostat. In this article, we discuss some winter heating tips to help you stay safe, warm, and save money this winter season.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: What Are New Homeowners Looking For?

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

A long lifespan and hassle-free performance. When it comes to heating and air conditioning systems, new homeowners are looking for a reliable unit that will provide top performance for years to come. According to a survey conducted by Emerson Climate Technologies, residents not only want energy efficiency and home comfort, but also a long lifespan…

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New to Oil Heat in New Jersey? Here’s What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Oil Heat In New Jersey

If you’re moving to a new home that uses oil heat in New Jersey, or perhaps this upcoming season will be your first winter using your tank, you may have some questions about how it works and how you should maintain it. The Point Bay Fuel team of professional heating service technicians have put together some…

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It’s Earth Month! 20 Easy Ways on How to Save Money on Electricity Bills

How To Save Money On Electricity

Heating and cooling are a home’s most expensive systems, typically accounting for up to 48 percent of the utility budget, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). And since April is Earth month, our energy conservation experts have put together a few ideas on how to save money on electricity around the house without…

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Top Reasons to Choose Point Bay, Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning Company, Point Bay

Looking for the best Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning Company? Look no further! Founded in 1906, we have been (and always will be) a family owned and operated business. Our staff of courteous professionals provides reliable and dependable service to all Monmouth and Ocean county residential and commercial customers. With around the clock service,…

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10 Benefits of WiFi Thermostats for Oil Heat

Smart Thermostat Will Save You Money on Oil Heat

WiFi thermostats can help to make your NJ home smarter and much more energy efficient. Additionally, your home oil-fired heating system could even produce even better results if used with a WiFi thermostat. Thankfully, Wifi thermostats, the leading edge of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology, are now offered by many different manufacturers. Find…

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Renewable Bioheat Fuel


Finding renewable energy sources is a major concern for all Americans, from lawmakers to homeowners. Bioheat fuel, made from a combination of heating oil and biofuel, offers a promising solution. Renewable Bioheat fuel represents the future of oil heat technology. Traditional oil heat is clean and affordable, and it warms your home effectively. Made from…

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The Benefits of Modern Oil Heat

Countless families in the Northeastern U.S. have relied on oil heat for years. These families may not realize how much that oil heat technology has evolved in recent decades. Today’s product is much cleaner and more efficient than it was in the past. Here are several reasons New Jersey homeowners can depend on oil heat…

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HVAC Company That Puts a Priority on Customer Service

When it comes to rating our customer service, our customers do all the talking. We have been called the best and most reliable service in the Ocean and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey, and we pride ourselves on this accomplishment. One of our customers commented that switching to our company was one of the best…

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