Installing A New Heating System? Think About Its Size

Heating System Installation In Toms River NJFor a new heater installation, it is important to choose a system that is the correct size. You will need to choose the right installer and get the best financing deal possible as well. Whether you have a boiler heating system or a forced air system, proper sizing is important.

Choosing the right heating system for your home…

is important because it will impact your personal comfort and your home heating costs. You want the best of all of the home heating options. Only work with an experienced heating contractor. Point Bay Fuel offers heating services including maintenance, repairs, and installations. Our NATE certified HVAC contractors can assist you by helping you find a good heating system that matches your home. Also, they will have the ability to perform the heating system installation in your Toms River New Jersey home.

To determine the heating power that your home requires, the HVAC contractor measures the building’s total floor area. They also check the type of insulation and materials that are used in the building. This will ensure that you have an adequate heating system for your home’s needs. In this article, we will discuss the importance of size when you are installing a new heater for your home.


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Improved Energy Efficiency

energy efficient heaterA heater with more heating power than your home needs causes the furnace to turn on and off frequently. This is because an oversized system only takes a few minutes to heat an entire room or house. Once the house has been heated, the system normally turns itself off. Consequently, it turns on after a short time to keep the home consistently warm. This is known as rapid cycling, or overcycling. It reduces the efficiency of your heater.

An over-sized heating system usually consumes more power when it is turned on and off frequently. This is true especially when compared to a heater that runs for longer periods of time. This results in higher energy bills. This is why it is important to find the most efficient heating system for your home.

Extending The Life Of Your Heater

A heating unit with low heating output is normally overworked and will not meet the heating needs of your home. Using an undersized heating system can cause the unit to wear out quickly and reduce its lifespan. Also, it will generally keep your home at a lower temperature than you want it to be. On the other hand, a heating unit with more power than necessary will use the rapid cycle function mentioned above. This also leads to wear and tear on the unit.

Neither an over-sized nor an undersized heating unit is desirable.

Either way, you will have to replace the unit sooner than you ordinarily would. To ensure that you get the full lifespan of your heating system, you need to install a perfectly sized unit.


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Improving Your Home Comfort

A heating system that is the proper size for your home will operate efficiently and heat your home adequately. It ensures that it stays warm and comfortable in the winter months. The proper size heating unit will evenly distribute the heat throughout your house and maintain an even temperature in each room.

Best Value For Money

money savings from new heating systemEvery homeowner knows that the cost of a heating unit increases when it is built with more heating power. Installing a heating unit with more power than necessary will cost you more money in terms of your heating bills. However, selecting a unit with very low heating power will make it difficult for the unit to meet your home’s heating needs and the unit will eventually have to be replaced as it fails to keep up with the demand.

To get the best value for your money…

always rely on a competent HVAC company to help you select a heating system. The HVAC technicians will do a proper assessment of your home to determine the correct size needed and they will handle the installation of the system. They can also provide you with a home heating systems comparison of various models to help you select the best one for your home.

Heating Installation Toms River NJ

Remember that not every heater on the market will work in your home. It is vital that you find a heating system that is the proper size so that the unit will provide a high level of comfort at an affordable cost. The installation process is also important and only a a competent HVAC technician should handle a job like that .

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