Winter Strategies For Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

homeowner improving their indoor air quality in toms river new jerseyThroughout the warmer months of summer, few people spend a lot of time thinking about indoor air quality. The ventilation of their homes is easy when the windows are regularly kept open. Once the cold season rolls in and temperatures start to drop, however, there aren’t many convenient sources of fresh air available. Moreover, most people are usually more focused on keeping their living environments warm rather than airing them out.

The result is that there is a lot more stale air circulating throughout the home. In the end, this usually leads to a significantly lower indoor air quality standards, given that staying warm is the most important concern. Nonetheless, this is a situation that a few easy steps can definitely improve. In fact, you can stay warm and boost the quality of your indoor air at the same time. This article will share a few, proven techniques that help improve the indoor air quality in your Toms River NJ home during the winter months.


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Clean Your HVAC Registers And Vents

Throughout the heating and cooling system, dust is circulating throughout your home on a constant basis. This remains true even if you diligently clean your living space regularly. There is always a substantial buildup of debris within this equipment. The good news is that it’s possible to use your vacuum cleaner attachment to reduce the amount of dust blowing through your property interior. Research that discuss indoor air quality facts suggests that this is a very effective starting point for boosting the quality of your indoor air.

Use A Humidifier

When the heat is on and all of your windows are closed…

the interior of your property dries out. As a result, most people want to turn their heaters up since drier indoor environments don’t feel as warm as moist ones. Try adding moisture to the indoor air by using a humidifier. A good humidifier rarely costs all that much to buy or to run.

Replace Your Filter

replacing air filter on heaterTake the time to check and replace your air filter…

to eliminate debris. Make sure that you replace your filters, as needed. As such, check your air filter once each month and swap it out whenever it is visibly dirty. Households that have pets or homes that are near new construction sites might need to change their air filters more frequently. All homes are unique and thus, it is important to check this component often and to replace it as needed.

Even though this is a task that should happen all year long, it is especially vital throughout the months of winter. Filters tend to clog quickly whenever homes are airtight. This is usually the case when the weather is cold.

Open A Few Windows

Think about opening a window or two from time to time. This is something that you can do even when the outside weather is cold. Even a very nominal amount of fresh air makes a wealth of difference in homes that are shut for several weeks or months. You obviously don’t want to keep your window wide open for hours at a time. This will significantly increase the demands on your furnace. Cracking windows just a few inches and for short stretches can improve your indoor air quality significantly.

Buy A Few Green Houseplants

how to reduce indoor air pollutionPurchase a few green houseplants. They can remove indoor air pollutants like carbon monoxide and benzene from your living environment. This will have an instant impact on the quality of your indoor air. Moreover, think about how the air that you breathe affects your personal health. Thus, houseplants are excellent investments during any season. They also add style and flair to homes. This decorative attribute is very beneficial in and of itself. Research asserts that houseplants can alleviate stress and so, the next time that you go to the store you should definitely pick a few up. Who knows? Your thumb might be a whole lot greener than you ever suspected!

Why Regular Heating Service And Maintenance Is Essential

Scheduling a professional tune-up for the furnace…

is a smart decision for all property owners. Whenever your furnace isn’t in use, dirt, dust and other forms of indoor air pollution sources build up in this equipment. The debris eventually circulates throughout the entire home. During professional servicing and maintenance, the HVAC professional removes contaminants from your heater. They inspect the entire unit and clean it to ensure greater efficiency. This service also enhances resident comfort. Therefore, scheduling a yearly furnace tune-up is incredibly beneficial. As ever, always work with a reputable, local HVAC company.


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Indoor Air Quality Toms River NJ

Don’t let your indoor air quality decline this winter. Instead, connect with a trusted HVAC company to clean and maintain your heating system properly. This will give you a much higher quality of indoor air, more affordable energy bills, and a far more comfortable home.

Get in touch with Point Bay Fuel today to schedule a tune-up for your heater. Our contractors are NATE-certified and they can tune up your system to boost the overall performance of your system. This improves air quality, energy efficiency, and the comfort levels of your home. Moreover, we can make a number of helpful suggestions on how to further improve your indoor air quality if there is anyone in the residence who’s living with a chronic, respiratory ailment of any type. Contact us now to set up your appointment.


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