Stay Warm and Save with Heating Oil Delivery

Automatic Heating Oil DeliveryOilheat is the new, efficient (and safe) way of keeping New Jersey homes heated during the winter. With home heating oil delivery, residents can stay comfortably warm through any storm with the convenience of an automated service. Below are four reminders why oilheat is indeed the best choice for homeowners.

1. Efficiency: When you’re thinking about heating your home, you’re obviously concerned with how much heat that a particular fuel can generate. Oilheat systems are renowned for their efficiency; many of these heating systems can exceed 95% efficiency. Recent tests on some of these systems by the US Department of Energy awarded them EnergyStar ratings due to the near-zero emissions that they produce. The addition of technologically advanced BioHeat fuel just adds to the benefits garnered from this system.

2. Value: In this day and age where every cent that you put into a utility bill counts, you want to know that you’re getting more out of your dollar. Because of the fact that heating oil is a publicly traded commodity, the price of heating may vary slightly from month to month. However, one gallon of BioHeat fuel when combusted generates between 120,000 and 140,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) in heat, making it sound value for money as far as heating is concerned.

3. Economically Sound: In the recent past, as little as five years ago, the US was importing far more oil than it produced. That changed in 2013 when America started producing more oil than it imported for the first time in history. The result was that there was a much greater control over the price of oil, meaning that the price of petroleum downstream production (such as oilheat) would be much easier to deal with from a price perspective. Investing in an oilheat system means investing in America’s oil production, and that can only be a good thing in helping recover from the economic downturn.

4. Ease of Delivery: Point Bay Fuel offers automatic heating oil delivery in order to ensure that their customers are always on supply. What this entails is checking the daily records of temperature to figure out when to increase or decrease the delivery of heating oil to a home in order to deal with each customer’s needs. This makes for faster and more efficient consumption, which results in you having to pay less on a monthly basis for heating.

Protecting the Environment is a Priority

Oilheat is one way that consumers can benefit the environment and save on heating costs without sacrificing comfort. Its clean-burning and low overall impact on the environment is what makes it a great alternative for heating a family home. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Point Bay Fuel today so we can help you understand how oilheat can help make a positive impact on your life.