Understanding Heating Oil Fuel

High-quality heating oil fuel can save you a lot of money on your heating bills. It’s already understood that heating oil is one of the most efficient ways of producing warmth, and that’s why such a large number of new homes have it installed. Heating oil fuel is more than just clarified crude oil. It’s a hydrocarbon molecule that combusts easily and delivers a lot of heat for a small amount of burnt fuel. The quality of your heating oil determines how well it burns, but also how harsh it is on your heating equipment. There are many different ways that the quality of heating oil fuel can be determined, such as:Heating Oil Fuel | BioHeat

1. Sulfur Content: The EPA recommends 3,000 parts-per-million concentration for low-sulfur heating oil. The lower this value is the higher the quality of the oil. The lowered sulfur values mean that combustion-less sulfur-dioxide is released into the atmosphere and this equates to less pollution in the long run. Sulfur also contributes to soot on the interior of the system, so less sulfur means that the system remains cleaner for longer.

2. Additives: While you may think additives are a bad thing, but in the context of heating oil fuel they’re actually quite good. Additives can be put into heating oil in order to make it easier to ignite, but also to ensure that storage tanks don’t get clogged with residue. Sludge and wax buildup in a heating fuel storage tank is not a brand new phenomenon. For as long as people have been storing fuel in tanks, they’ve had to deal with these problems. However, with the right additives, you can force these issues to resolve themselves. Some additives serve to eliminate water buildup which can lead to sludge. Others deal with breaking down waxy residue that accumulates in extremely low temperatures.

3. Blended Fuels: The newest advance in technology in heating oil fuel is the development of blended fuels. BioHeat is the best example of a blended fuel by combining the best characteristics of other fuel sources. BioHeat is made up of between 2% and 20% biodiesel blended with other fuel to create a clean-burning energy source. In tests, BioHeat systems have been shown to perform consistently above other fuels in terms of energy production and fuel consumption. Blended fuels tend to be the best alternative for heating a modern home. BioHeat is an American product and the blended oils are synthesized from locally grown soybeans, meaning that you help the national economy by investing in this fuel.

Point Bay Heating Oil Fuel Services

At the end of the day, the fuel you choose will determine how efficiently your home is heated. Oilheat systems have lasted for a long time and are expected to be around for many decades more. As technology advances, people will see more and more efficient ways to heat a home. If you want to find out more about how oilheat can help you save money on heating, contact Point Bay Fuel in Ocean County, NJ.