How Much Heating Oil Will Your Home Need This Winter?


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During the cold months of winter, outside temperatures plummet. The good news is that you can rely on your oil-based heating system to keep you and your entire household comfortable and warm. You simply need to make sure that your heating oil tank always has sufficient fuel for the job. This can be a challenge given that the amount of home heating oil during winter can vary according to the size of your house and the temperatures outside. Also, the age of your heating equipment, your home’s insulation, and your personal preferences for indoor heating will affect the amount of oil that you require.

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How Much Heating Oil Will Your Home Need This Winter?

This article will discuss some of the strategies that you can use to estimate your home heating oil use and to get your home ready for the cold winter months that lie ahead. We’ll also share a few strategies for limiting your oil consumption so that your home heating costs don’t skyrocket.

Determining The Capacity Of Your Fuel Oil Tank

To start, check to see how much oil your fuel tank is capable of holding. The very smallest oil tanks generally have a capacity of about 100 gallons. A lot of homes have above-ground tanks that are rated for 275 gallons. Tanks with capacities that are much larger than this are usually offered for underground use. Keep in mind that the stated capacity for a fuel oil tank does not equal the amount of fuel that it can actually hold. For example, a tank that’s rated for 275 gallons will likely hold just 225 gallons with the remainder of the space being reserved for debris and air. You can get a lot of pertinent information by looking at the receipt for your oil delivery.

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Estimating Your Needs For Heating Oil

Check Your Manufacturer’s Plate

One way to calculate your requirements for fuel is by multiplying your usage period with the rate of consumption. As an example, a furnace can burn between 0.8 and 1.7 gallons of oil each hour. The exact figure might be printed on the furnace nozzle, burner, or manufacturer’s plate. Think about the number of hours that your furnace is on. Remember that the number listed on your unit will represent ideal conditions such as when the furnace was newly installed. Consumption tends to increase as heaters age, and as their level of overall efficiency goes down.

Historical Oil Usage

Another strategy for calculating your fuel consumption is to check out your historical usage rates. This is a helpful method if you’ve been residing in your home for several years. Look for your old heating bills to verify the amount of fuel that you’ve been using annually. Take an average of the past several years to determine how much oil you can expect to use this year. Additional computing will allow you to calculate your approximate monthly, weekly, and daily values for use. Take stock of the local weather forecast as well as you could wind up needing a lot more oil than usual if the temperatures are expected to be much colder than normal.

Ask Your Neighbors

If you’ve only been living in your home for a short amount of time, find out if your neighbors have similar house sizes and heating equipment to arrive at a rough estimate. You also have the option of contacting a heating oil supply company directly to get an educated estimate based upon the factors mentioned above. It is actually pretty common for families to use somewhere between three and six gallons of fuel daily when the outside temperatures are at their coldest.

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Tips For Limiting Your Heating Oil Use This Winter

Consuming large amounts of fuel oil will invariably lead to large heating bills. To keep your spending low, you can take a few steps.

Dress For The Season

You can begin by building up your ability to tolerate cold temperatures. For example, before turning on your heater, try adding on a few more layers of clothes.

Use Your Curtains To Help Control Temperatures In Your Home

Let sunlight into your home by opening the curtains. When you do this, you may not need any help from your heating system until the sun has set. You should also close your curtains at night so that cold air cannot enter through the windows.


Install A Smart, Programmable Thermostat

It’s also possible to keep your thermostat set at a low level when no one is actually in the home. Using programmable thermostats makes it easy for homeowners to establish regular and economically feasible heating schedules. The overarching goal is to limit the amount of work that your heating system does so that less oil is being burned.

Schedule An HVAC Tune-Up

Routine maintenance for your home HVAC system will also ensure efficient furnace or boiler operation. A heating system tune-up also inevitably leads to manageable fuel use. Heating technicians can clean your system up and make all required adjustments. They can perform any other steps that are essential for keeping your home heating equipment in good working order. This is an affordable service that’s guaranteed to provide good value over time.

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Add Insulation And Seal Off All Air Drafts

Finally, take steps to increase the amount of insulation around your home. Seal up all cracks at your windows and your doors. Find out if it’s possible to add additional insulation to the building walls and roof. This will keep warm air trapped in the home so that your furnace doesn’t have to burn a lot of fuel or work too hard.

Get In Touch With A Reputable Oil Supplier For Low Heating Oil Prices

Many oil companies offer different oil prices. However, it is essential that you order your fuel from a company that offers high-quality oil and reliable heating oil deliveries.

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