6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

image of hvac technician checking furnace circuit

Furnaces partly depend on electricity for normal operation. If something trips the circuit breaker, then they can grind to a halt and leave the home helpless against the cold. If this was due to a rare power surge, then a simple furnace reset should get things back to normal. However, if the furnace trips circuit breaker repeatedly, then resets won’t suffice. This is a potentially dangerous situation that merits deeper investigation. You must find out what’s causing the problem and formulate a permanent solution with the help of an expert. Read on to learn more about this issue.

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Why Does My Furnace Need Electricity In The First Place?

Although furnaces primarily use fuel to heat the air, a few components do require electrical power. Cutting off the power supply will prevent the system from working properly. It must receive electricity without any interruptions for optimal results.

Blower Motor

All furnaces have an electrically-powered blower motor. This is responsible for sending the warm air across the house. If power is cut, then the motor will stop, and the heated air will remain near the furnace instead of circulating the building.

Electronic Ignition

Older furnaces use pilot lights for ignition. This system has largely been replaced by electronic ignition in modern heating equipment. The latter is more reliable, but it is dependent on electricity from the grid. You won’t be able to turn the furnace on without power.

image of an electric heating element in a furnace

6 Possible Reasons Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

It is not normal for the breaker to keep tripping. A simple reset won’t prevent a reoccurrence. You have to identify the reason behind the incidents to know exactly how you should deal with it. Below are six of the most common reasons:

1. Clogged Furnace Filter

The furnace may be working too hard due to a clogged filter. Dirt prevents the free flow of air, so the system compensates by using more power to improve heating performance. This can lead to a circuit overload that trips the breaker. Check the HVAC filters and replace them if necessary. It would be best to check your filter every month and replace it when it is dirty.
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2. Blocked HVAC Air Vents Or Registers

The same problem can emerge if the air vents or registers are blocked at different points around the system. The furnace will try to work harder just to heat up the home, consuming too much power in the process. See if anything is blocking the vents such as furniture or closed curtains. Remove these for normal airflow.

hvac air registers

3. There Are Issues With Your Furnace Motor

The furnace motor itself could be faulty. The wiring may be worn down after years of service. This can result in shorts and other issues that might trip the circuit breaker. Call an HVAC technician to replace the motor as soon as possible. Prevent this problem in the future through regular HVAC maintenance.

4. Your HVAC Ductwork Is Leaking

Air leaks will result in heating system inefficiencies. Since heated air gets lost continuously, the furnace will have to work double-time to replace it. This additional workload can push the breaker to trip.

image of hvac ductwork

5. Your Electric Panel Needs A Repair

Sometimes the furnace has nothing to do with the situation, and you have to look elsewhere. It might be the electrical panel that is causing the issue. A faulty panel needs immediate professional repair.

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6. You Have An Overloaded, Shared Circuit

The furnace draws a lot of power. It is better to isolate it on its own circuit because sharing it with other appliances can lead to overloading. Keep lights, power tools, and other appliances away from the furnace’s circuit.

What Should You Do If Your Furnace Trips The Circuit Breaker?

1. Check The Furnace Air Filter

Make it a habit to check the air filters regularly. Dirt will build upon the surfaces. If the build-up gets bad, then airflow will suffer.

image of a furnace filter

2. Make Sure Your HVAC Air Vents Have Proper Air Flow And Are Not Obstructed

Remove any furniture, curtains, or other things that may be blocking the vents. Keep them open in all rooms, even those which are currently unoccupied.

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3. Call An HVAC Contractor For A Professional Ductwork Inspection

Ductwork is notoriously difficult to care for. Call an expert to conduct professional inspection and cleaning when necessary. They can finish the job quickly and efficiently.

image if technician inspecting hvac ductwork

4. Call An HVAC Professional For Furnace Repair

Novices can do more harm than good. You might think you are saving money by doing repairs yourself, but you might end up paying more in the long run. Furnace electrical problems should be left to a professional for fast and reliable solutions.

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Circuit breaker issues can be serious. If a furnace is causing it to trip, then check for common triggers. Don’t let it linger as overloading can lead to fires and other dangers. Get the help of pros right away for your peace of mind.

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