Should I Replace My Furnace And AC At The Same Time?

AC and furnace replacementThe furnace and the AC are probably two of the most expensive appliances in the home in terms of purchase and replacement. These, however, are necessary to keep a house safe and comfortable.

The expense associated with the replacement of the furnace and the AC combined can be daunting. Many homeowners often consider replacing only either one and allotting a budget for the other much later. But is this a good option? Should you replace your furnace and AC at the same time?

HVAC Replacement Lakehurst NJ: Replacing Your Furnace And AC At The Same Time

Older systems may require replacement due to wear and tear, and plain old age. It is merely a fact of life that the older a system gets, the more problems it will show, primarily if you use it regularly. Replacing the system that shows the most problems often seems like a sound solution. However, this is merely a temporary measure. Over the long term, it will cost more to maintain and waste more energy to operate.

There is a challenge as well. Most furnaces last for around 15 to 30 years while most AC units will last for about 15 to 20 years. Generally speaking, the home furnace will work longer than the AC system. Unfortunately, waiting for the heater to break down before replacing the AC may not be a practical solution.

So the answer to the question is… yes. Replacing both at the same time can be costly but necessary. When it is time to replace the furnace, it is likely you will have to replace the AC as well. Here are the reasons why you should replace both heating and AC systems in one go.

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Lower Your Home Heating & Cooling Costs

HVAC costsWhat you need to consider when replacing both systems is efficiency. Not only are older units far less efficient, but they also lack the design, components, and technology of newer systems that make them better at converting energy for heating and cooling. Recent models for AC systems, for example, have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of 25 (with some brands and models going as high as 26). Twenty years ago, the average SEER rating was around 8. Newer furnace models are far more efficient as well, helpful in bringing down the cost of maintaining a comfortable home.

Compatibility Of Matched HVAC Systems

Older systems could work with newer systems, but the mismatch in technologies could decrease the overall performance of the more modern system. It is also possible that some components may be incompatible, thereby affecting the efficiency of the combined system.

When there are components that do not match, it is likely that the system cannot perform optimally. If one system is more efficient than the other, for example, it will make up for what the less efficient system cannot do. This aspect affects the cost of using the system and could even impact the performance of the units over the long term. Ultimately, compatible systems can work better and save more money than unmatched systems.

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HVAC Upgrade: Rebate And Incentives

how to make your home more energy-efficientThe replacement of both furnace and AC units could qualify a homeowner for special offers such as rebates and incentives from the manufacturer. These offers vary depending on the season and the manufacturer. However, it does not hurt to inquire once you have decided to have a new system installed. In many cases, you could save thousands of dollars on both systems if you purchase them from the same manufacturer. Again, the costs and savings will vary but getting two new systems could allow you to save on purchase cost.

Access To Components Is Difficult With Older Systems

In older systems, the design of the unit may make accessing specific components and areas more challenging. If the system requires a replacement anyway, it is a good idea to consider newer systems that allow easy access for checkups, maintenance, and repairs.

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When Furnace & AC Replacement Is Not An Option

Industry professionals do not recommend replacement if the furnace system is under ten years old. Furnaces last longer than AC systems, so it is probably better to wait for the time when the AC system requires a replacement before getting a new heater.

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