The Benefits Of Air Conditioner Maintenance In The Spring

image of air conditioning tune-up in Toms River NJIt’s always wise to avoid putting things off. That advice goes double for home air conditioning systems. There are many reasons for getting A/C maintenance done during the spring months, right before summer arrives in earnest.

Everyone understands the money-saving aspect of getting home cooling maintenance done as early as possible. There is the incentive of:

  •  Lower utility bills
  • System longevity
  • Prevents costly last-minute AC repairs during peak season

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What Are The Benefits Of A Spring AC Tune-up Barnegat Township NJ?

But what about the non-financial reasons for seasonal AC maintenance?

Now we’re talking about some equally essential factors. These include preventing illnesses such as allergies, colds, and flu. Spring air conditioner service checks also provide you with ease of scheduling because the busy summer season hasn’t hit yet.

Here are some other key reasons that are not related to money, that homeowners should consider getting a spring air conditioning check-up:

  • Prevent allergies and other illnesses: It’s a fact that well-maintained A/C systems can help minimize allergens and other airborne impurities, many of which have the potential to lead to serious illness.
  • Take advantage of flexible scheduling: During the spring months, it’s much easier to make an appointment for A/C maintenance and to get a system checkup. When summer arrives, repair and tech crews are often stretched pretty thin. That means you might have to wait a few days for help during the time of year when you need the A/C to be doing its job.
  • Keep your home as comfortable as possible: Regular maintenance is the most sensible way to keep your home comfortable. There’s no reason to let blocked ducts, broken components or old parts destroy the effectiveness of an A/C unit when quick preventive maintenance check-up can take care of the problem.

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Smart AC Maintenance Can Save Homeowners Big Bucks

energy costsWhen it’s time to sit down and do the budget, spring A/C maintenance makes plenty of sense too. For lower utility bills and more, homeowners should have their air conditioning systems checked and maintained during the springtime for the following reasons:

Additional Benefits Of An AC Tune-Up

  • Efficiency: A system that is running in top form doesn’t cost as much as one that hasn’t been adequately maintained. Air conditioners get dirty over time. That means they have to work harder to get the job done. The result? A less comfortable home and higher utility bills. During a maintenance check, the technician will completely clean the unit and make sure it’s in good shape.
  • Summer breakdowns are expensive: It’s one thing for an A/C unit to need repairs during the off-season. But if the unit fails during peak season, repair bills can pile up fast, service can cost more due to demand, and you might have to wait, and suffer until an HVAC contractor can visit. Spring maintenance is smart maintenance.
  • Utility bills are high when a system is in disrepair: How can you know whether your system needs service? There are a few visible signs, like dust on the coils, leaky or blocked ducts, a  refrigerant leak, and unusual noises during operation. Also, your energy costs will increase. You may notice uneven temperatures throughout your home. If you encounter any of these telltale signs, get an inspection immediately, no matter what time of year it is.
  • Increase the life of your air conditioner: Like any other major appliance, regular maintenance means longer life. In the case of air conditioners, that can add up to significant savings for homeowners who make sure their A/C unit is always as healthy as it can be.

Consider having an annual check-up for the unit in your home and always call a service technician when there are signs of trouble, like leaky ducts or odd noises.

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A/C/ Maintenance Saves Time & Money

Homeowners should view air conditioner maintenance as a way to minimize expenses and maximize their comfort during the summer. After all, it’s better to pay a little now than a lot later.



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