Improper Furnace Installations Can End Up Costing You More Money

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The installation of the furnace is just as important as the equipment itself. HVAC experts always remind homeowners to avoid improper furnace installation. This way, they can prevent serious problems and furnace failure in the future. Correct heater installation is critical to the proper functioning of the system because it correlates to its performance and efficiency. Also, a system has to be sized correctly and installed properly to ensure that it works safely. In this article, we discuss the importance of a proper furnace installation.

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The Importance Of Performing A Manual J Load Calculation Before A Furnace Installation

Before anything else, there is one key step you need to perform to ensure the correct installation of your HVAC system. This is a Manual J load calculation. This figure is essential for determining the correct size and capacity of your HVAC system. So just what is a Manual J load calculation, and why is it necessary?

Why You Need To Perform A Manual J Load Calculation

The Manual J Load calculation measures the heating and/or cooling capacity of an HVAC system based on specific factors. These factors include square footage and building materials of your home. It also includes the level of insulation, the position of the walls, and other critical aspects that determine the proper HVAC size. This calculation is necessary to determine the capacity of the HVAC system, which is generally measured in tons and British Thermal Units (BTUs). An HVAC ton is the capacity of the system to melt a ton (1,000 kilos) of ice within 24 hours. A ton is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs/hour.

So why does the Manual J calculation matter? Simple. Every home is different in terms of structure, design, materials, and yes, occupants. The HVAC system must be the right size and capacity to keep indoor temperatures even and constant. If the HVAC system is too small (undersized) or too big (oversized), the system will suffer from overwork and reduced efficiency. The system may exhibit problems such as short cycling, wherein a furnace turns on and off too frequently. It may also give in to premature failure because of excessive wear-and-tear of a system that simply cannot handle the demands of the home. Homeowners may also notice discomfort since the HVAC system cannot heat or cool the indoor environment properly.

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Safety Issues That Occur With An Improperly Installed Furnace

Any problem caused by an improperly installed furnace does not only cause inconvenience, but it can also lead to serious safety issues. Here are just a few problems that homeowners may encounter:

Gas Leaks

If the system is not properly connected, the gap between joints could lead to a gas leak. Gas systems release carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, combustible, and poisonous gas. This gas has negative side effects on the health of both humans and animals.

Electrical issues

One of the most worrisome problems that an improper furnace installation can cause is related to wiring problems. Faulty wiring is the result of a bad wiring job. Systems with faulty wiring can drain power, trip the circuit breaker, or even increase the likelihood of a fire. Electrical issues can also lead to system inefficiency, which means you are likely to pay more than you should for energy that the HVAC system uses.


An Improperly Installed Furnace Leads To Discomfort

Improper furnace installation puts an unnecessary burden on your system. On top of that, it can lead to discomfort indoors. Since the system does not work correctly, it will lead to several issues, such as:

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality relies heavily on how well the HVAC system works. If your drain system was poorly designed, it could lead to water leakage that could damage the structure of your home. If water accumulates, it can also encourage the growth of mold and mildew. This, in turn, can affect indoor air quality.

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Air Distribution Issues

Improper furnace installation, mainly if it includes the duct system, can lead to poor air distribution. This usually happens when the output capacity of the unit does not match the size of the ducts. When there are issues with air distribution, homeowners could suffer from uneven indoor temperatures and system inefficiency.

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Hot/Cold Spots In Your Home

Air distribution issues can also lead to pesky hot and cold spots in the home. Some areas, for example, may feel warmer or colder than they should, which leads to problems with comfort and even safety.

Furnace Venting Issues

Improper venting can also lead to problems with your HVAC system. If the vent pipes are the wrong size or material, or if the system is not vented correctly in the first place, you will experience issues with your HVAC system in no time.

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How To Choose An HVAC Contractor For Your Furnace Installation

Getting your furnace installed properly is the job of a reliable, experienced, and licensed HVAC company. Before getting in touch with your local furnace company, make sure to check for the following:

HVAC Industry Certifications & NATE

A NATE certification is granted to heating and cooling technicians who pass the organization’s core and specialty tests. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is an independent body that certifies technicians who work in installation and/or service industries through a knowledge-based examination. A NATE certification shows that the technician has passed the industry standard and has shown proof of their competence in their line of work.


Licensed and Bonded

Licensed technicians are trained, knowledgeable, and qualified to perform the necessary tasks required by their jobs. If they are licensed, it means they can offer competent work when they are hired. An HVAC contractor license bond, on the other hand, is a surety bond which is a type of insurance that provides the technician and his clients with protection in case of problems later.

HVAC Contractor References

Before hiring an HVAC installation company or one that specializes in furnace replacement services, always ask for references. If the company does perform well and is competent, then their former and current clients should have no problems recommending their services.

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Companies offering heater services provide an important job to keep our home comfortable. One of the best ways they can do this is by ensuring that the furnace system is properly installed. When the system is the right size, you are assured of year-long comfort, efficiency, and safety.

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