Roth Vs. Granby Oil Tanks: Which Is Best?

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Roth and Granby oil tanks offer many of the same features and are both excellent storage tank options. We have compiled benefits of each to help with your decision-making process in determining which is right for you, Roth vs. Granby.

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Roth Double-Walled Storage Oil Tanks

image of roth-double-wall-storage-oil-tankRoth is known for being the leader in environmental safety for its line of heating oil tank products with one of the best warranties with an insurance guarantee in the residential oil tank industry. As well their tanks range in sizes from 110 gallons to 400 gallons. Here are the best features Roth offers for their storage oil tanks.

Outer Tank

One of the most important items about Roth’s tanks is that every one of their storage containers is roll seamed. Meaning the galvanized steel segments are not welded with each other but are seam-rolled by pressing the plates tightly together.

This creates a stronger, more durable outer hull. The outer shell is leak-proof, corrosion-resistant steel that can handle impacts and is fully capable of being installed outdoors with the tank cover.

Inner Tank

The inner tank is constructed with high-density, blow-molded polyethylene that is seamless. This construction is leak-proof and corrosion-resistant to help the longevity of the tank.

Roth’s construction techniques reduce the chance of corrosion due to moisture because of the plastic that is used. This inner tank helps make a Roth oil tank 50% lighter than conventional counterparts.

roth best in class warranty


Roth is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects and any failure of the tank due to workmanship related issues. The 30-year warranty includes coverage of any internal tank failures due to corrosion.

Corrosion in steel tanks is what causes most failures. Roth offering this type of warranty shows the trust in its products.

Insurance Guarantee

Roth sets themselves apart from the rest of the competition by offering a $2 Million insurance guarantee for property damages or environmental impacts caused by their products. Only a company with full faith in the quality of its design would offer such a guarantee.

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Individual And Grouped Tank Options

Roth allows for your home to have a single storage oil tank or group tanks. Grouped tanks are for larger style family homes that use more heating oil. Allowing for a bit of customization in your set-up.

Quality Tested

The ultimate in quality testing and standards! Roth takes the time to thoroughly test their tanks to make sure they are structurally sound inside and out for maximum safety and security by using ultrasound technology.

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Granby 2-in-1 Double-Wall Oil Tanks


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Granby has always had quality tanks, and its double-wall tank is no exception. Offering a limited warranty on their fuel oil containers and using the same type of technology as Roth.

They have slightly different sizing options in 190-gallon or 265-gallon options. Check out the benefits of a Granby oil tank listed below.

Outer Tank

Granby uses galvanized steel in its design, which is tightly welded and edged to create a structurally sound build. It is corrosion-resistant and built to last.

Inner Tank

The inner tank is made of blow-molded, high-density polyethylene to prevent corrosion due to moisture in the tank. You are getting a quality product that is leak-proof and corrosion-resistant. They offer a fluorination treatment that is unique to their design.

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Granby stands by its products with a limited 30-year limited warranty. It covers defects in materials used in manufacturing the tank, faulty workmanship in the manufacturing process, and leaks due to internal corrosion on any indoor tank installations.

Individual Tank Options

Granby only allows for single tank installations, which are compact enough to fit in those harder to fit spots.

Quality Tested

Tested right in their lab with pressure testing to make sure the build is sound for excellent quality.

Differences Between Roth And Granby Oil Tanks

Though both Roth and Granby offer a very similar build and look to their oil tanks, there are some noticeable differences between them:


Roth oil tanks come in for standard sizes, 110 gallons, 165 gallons, 275 gallons, and 400 gallons. Granby 2-in-1 oil tanks come in 190 gallons and 265 gallon configurations.

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Rolled Seam vs. Welded

Roth tanks are built with a roll seamed design which is better at keeping moisture out and the oil in. With rolled seam construction there are fewer areas for possible manufacturing issues. With welded tank construction, it is possible for welds to vary in consistency due to the nature of joining metal seams with heat and pressure.


The warranty in both Roth and Granby oil tanks are similar by offering a 30-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects and any failure of the tank due to workmanship related issues. The big difference is Roth has its 30-year warranty on both indoor and outdoor installed tanks, whereas Granby has a 10-year limited warranty on outdoor installations where the environment contains a high level of salt-water air.

Insurance Guarantee

Roth has a $2 Million insurance guarantee against any environmental damages caused by their tanks. That is completely missing on the Granby tanks as they have no such insurance guarantee.

Single And Grouped Tanks

Roth allows for single and grouped storage oil tanks, allowing for a multitude of set-ups for smaller homes to substantially large homes. Granby only allows for a single tank set-up.

Quality Testing

Both offer quality testing in their products, but Roth uses ultrasound to check for stress, quality, and craftsmanship. They make sure the unit is built to their company standards. Granby tests the tanks three times and in the cases of their double bottom tanks, they vacuum test that component.

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So, Roth Vs. Granby?

Both offer excellent products that provide exceptional benefits for homeowners, so you can’t go wrong choosing either. Roth creates a standard of quality and sizing options while being environmentally sound. Roth double-wall oil tanks offer some peace-of-mind features not found with Granby tanks such as:

  • Warranty With $2 Million Insurance Guarantee
  • Roll seamed
  • Ultrasound Tested

When you are looking for your next heating oil storage tank, choosing either a Roth or Granby is a great choice. Both companies have a commitment to ensuring their solutions are environmentally sound and safe!

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