Simple Strategies For Improving Winter Indoor Air Quality In The Home

poor iaqThree factors determine the quality of air within a room.

Temperature is one of these. Humidity is the second. Cleanliness is the third factor. During winter and when the weather is cold, the air that circulates throughout a room will be low in humidity and dry. The amount of allergens and other impurities that are present in the indoor air, however, is often very high.

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Best Strategies To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Barnegat Township NJ

To maintain optimum levels of home comfort, you have to know how to boost the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home when the weather is seasonably cold. Keep reading to find helpful tips for improving your IAQ this cold season.

Be Sure To Schedule Regular Furnace Tune-Ups

furnaceThe average furnace spends the better portion of the year unused. Given that your home heating equipment is going to be under near-constant demand throughout the winter, you should make sure that it’s functioning at optimum levels by giving it a tune-up before the cold season hits.

When providing furnace maintenance services, technicians take the time to clean each of the internal components for these appliances, recalibrate all thermostats throughout the home, replace dirty air filters and make sure that the entire system is in excellent condition.

Once your furnace tune-up is complete, you can expect this unit to perform efficiently all winter.

Moreover, you can also expect to have a far higher IAQ as the result of having your equipment cleaned, new filters installed and a much more efficient furnace overall. With these things in mind, you should only have furnace tune-ups performed by licensed and experienced HVAC technicians.

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Take Care Of Furnace Repairs In A Timely Fashion

HVAC contractor and furnace repairWhenever your furnace is turned on, take the time to note any abnormalities or issues that you notice. As an example, you should note any strange noises and odors. If your heater is no longer meeting the heating needs of your home or if it is using far more energy than it once did, you should have a trusted professional perform repairs right away. All necessary furnace repairs should be taken care of by qualified professionals ahead of the winter season.

If there’s a crack in the heat exchanger, a seasoned HVAC professional can effectively repair it so that poisonous gas is not entering the air supply. If there are issues with your thermostat, your provider can recalibrate this unit and can additionally perform all other necessary repairs to ensure proper overall heater functioning.

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Have You Had Your Air Ducts Cleaned And Sealed?

Lots of impurities get trapped in air ducts.

Due to this fact, they have to be regularly and professionally cleaned. This will prevent filtered and heated air from becoming recontaminated when it gets disbursed to different rooms.

In addition to having your air ducts cleaned, you should also hire professionals who can look for leaks in your ductwork. If leaks exist, these should be repaired right away to prevent warm air from escaping. Having these leaks plugged will also ensure that no impurities are being sucked into your air ducts.


Ventilate Your Home In The Winter

Increasing ventilation is an excellent way to improve the indoor air quality of your home. Getting a good exchange of air between the inside and outside of the building is vital for keeping indoor air quality high.

Think about opening your doors and windows from time to time so that clean air can flow in to vent the living environment. You can also freshen the indoor air by installing air exchangers. Talk about the different options for ventilation with your HVAC service provider.

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IAQ Tip: Take Your Shoes Off Before Going Inside

When walking from your car to your home, lots of impurities and debris can get trapped in your shoes. If you have your shoes on when you walk into the house, these impurities and particulates can get into the air. This is going to impact your IAQ negatively. As such, everyone should take the time to remove their shoes before entering the building. Before bringing any shoes indoors, make sure that these are cleaned.


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