Best Ways To Reduce Your Winter Heating Costs

home heating billsWhen the warm and pleasant summer days are over, and the outside temperatures begin to drop, most homeowners start preparing for the heating season. Since the winters are harsh, preparation is necessary to stay comfortable. To do this, you need a heating system that is reliable. However, no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for their home heating costs.

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Furnace Repair Jackson NJ: How To Reduce Your Home Heating Costs

Virtually all homeowners search for ways to lower their energy bills and save money on heating costs. In this article, you will find some tips you can use to ensure that you save money all winter long:

Keep Your Heater Properly Maintained and Repaired

HVAC contractor and furnace repairBefore the beginning of the heating season, it is a good idea to contact your local HVAC company. Make an appointment for a checkup for your furnace.

During an annual maintenance inspection, the technician will make sure that your heating system is properly functioning. If they discover any problems within the system, they can repair them before they get out of hand or cause your heating system to stop working entirely. The contractor will also ensure that the system is operating at top efficiency. If you avoid a yearly checkup and your system fails to run correctly, it will have to labor excessively to keep your house warm. This additional work results in higher energy costs. Therefore, it is best to schedule a tune-up to prevent a situation like this from occurring.

Make sure that you hire a reputable HVAC company when you need furnace services. Don’t opt for cheap furnace repair or maintenance. When it comes to your heating system, you only want to work with certified and experienced professionals. After all, your energy costs, comfort, and safety rely on the condition of your furnace. Search for “gas furnace repair near me” or “furnace repair near my location” to find companies that have a good track record with their clients. Check reviews. Make sure that they use original manufacturer furnace repair parts. After you have found a few good options, then take maintenance and furnace repair cost into consideration.

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Regularly Change Your Heating System’s Filters

As time goes on, hair, dirt, dust and other debris can clog the filters in your heating unit. When this occurs, the system must work much harder to maintain warmth in your home. Essentially, a clogged filter causes your energy bills to skyrocket. Therefore, every 30 days you should check the filter to determine whether or not it requires a replacement. However, you may want to check it more often if you live in an area where dust is a problem or if you have pets.


Set Your Thermostat For Energy Efficient Operation

Numerous property owners keep their thermostats set at a very high temperature when winter sets in. However, doing so is a mistake. Instead, it is best to maintain a temperature that is comfortable, but one that is not excessively high. Even though this may only be the difference of a few degrees, it can lead to substantial savings on your energy bill.

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Update Your Thermostat With A Programmable Model

thermostatInvesting in a programmable thermostat can make a significant difference with regard to saving money on your energy bill. You can turn the thermostat down when no one is home, such as when you are leaving for work in the morning. However, to ensure that your house is warm when you return, the temperature can be set in advance to increase before you get back. This type of thermostat goes up and down automatically based on your schedule. Therefore, you do not use as much heat, ultimately resulting in a lower energy bill.

Keep The Cold Air Out By Sealing Drafts

Always check your windows and doors for drafts before the beginning of the heating season. Drafty areas in your home can allow warm air to escape, as well as allow cold air into the house. When this happens, your heating system works much more to compensate. If you discover any drafty areas, seal and caulk them up before winter begins.

Use Your Window Treatments To Reduce Home Heating

The window treatments you utilize during cold seasons can help lower your energy bills. For example, on sunny days, keep your blinds and curtains open on every window that faces the south. Doing so allows natural sunlight to come into the home, keeping it warmer. However, the drapes and blinds should be closed at night, as this will create a bit of extra insulation between the home’s interior and the glass.


There are numerous ways that you can lower your electric bill this winter. Following the tips mentioned above may lead to an energy bill that is hundreds of dollars less than last year’s bill.

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