New Efficient Oil Heating Systems Increase Comfort And Decrease Fuel Use

image of energy efficiency and home heating furnaceAdvances in home heating technologies have had a major impact on households throughout the nation. This is an excellent time to upgrade your home heating equipment, as new oil-fired heating systems are far outperforming those from several years ago. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on efficiency, and their efforts over the past several decades have produced some really impressive results. People are able to enjoy greatly increased indoor comfort on even the very coldest days of winter. They can also limit their use of fuel oil, given that the most efficient oil heating system is able to provide more warmth with less energy. Keep reading to find out how the latest changes in these technologies are capable of benefiting you.

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The Higher Efficiency of Brand New Oilheat Systems

If you are using an older oil heat system in your home, now is a good time to consider investing in a new one. This is a more than worthwhile upgrade, given that heating systems are able to provide some amazing returns. They have efficiency ratings that reach as high as 98 percent so that there’s far less energy waste. Consumption is also a lot lower, with energy savings rising as high as 48 percent. Brand new boilers additionally have energy-saving controls that can limit fuel usage by up to 10 percent and produce greater overall heat. New oil furnaces additionally have variable-speed motors that require 80 percent less electricity than fixed-speed motors do. Even heating oil has seen a few enhancements with mixtures that make them cleaner-burning and more efficient.

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Modern Innovations That Are Driving Improvements in Oilheat Efficiency

image of a hvac contractor installing a heating oil furnace with higher efficiency


1. New Heaters Have Lightweight Heat Exchangers

When searching for a replacement oil furnace, start by checking the list of furnace features to find out whether the equipment has cutting-edge innovations that drive its efficiency levels higher. One such innovation is a lightweight heat exchanger. This component moves heat from the combustion fuel into the indoor air. With a lightweight construction, it can offer better heat transfer than a heavier heat exchanger can.

2. Electric Ignition Systems

Older furnaces often have standing pilot lights. By modern standards, these are obsolete. Electric ignitions are known to be a far better option, given that they require less energy. These ignition systems only use power when needed.

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3. Combustion Chambers That Are Sealed

Older furnaces have atmospheric combustion chambers. Given that these are open to the entire home, they gradually lose heat. Comparatively, the combustion chambers in new furnaces are sealed, and they’re able to get air from PVC pipes which allow for increased safety and improved heat retention.

4. Two-Stage Oilheat Furnaces

There are just two states for old furnace burners: OFF and ON. These units work at full capacity whenever they’re on. However, new furnace burners have various states so that they’re able to work at lower capacities to save energy. This additionally allows for more even heat distribution throughout the living environment.

5. Variable-Speed Fan Designs

Finally, newer furnaces have spans that can function at variable speeds. This proves incredibly handy, given that you don’t always need these components working at full speed. Lowering fan speed settings is a great way to limit energy consumption


The Amazing Benefits of High-Efficiency Oilheat Furnace Improvements

1. These Models Last Longer

You can expect a new heating oil system to outlast most older models. There are a number of innovative features and functions that allow these units to cycle off and on as needed for decreased energy use. Apart from giving efficiency a nice boost, this also allows heating systems to rest. General wear is reduced, and lifespans are extended. Newer heating systems can also extract moisture from the indoor air and deal with chemical accumulations for even longer service life. This also provides the added bonus of a healthier living environment.

2. Your Home Utility Bills Will Go Down

image of homeowner calculating winter energy bills

Many homeowners wait to buy new furnaces due to their upfront costs. Instead, they hold onto their existing heating equipment in an effort to save cash. However, inefficient heating systems result in higher energy bills. Comparatively, replacing an outdated unit can result in less spending from month to month. Older heating systems have AFUE ratings of about 65 percent, while new furnace models can have AFUE ratings as high as 98 percent.

3. Lesser Impact on the Natural Environment

The decrease in fuel use is downright impressive. Many people wind up using one-third the amount of fuel that they used before because their new home heating systems are able to produce sufficient heat with far smaller amounts of energy. However, household budgets aren’t the only thing to benefit from this important upgrade. The natural environment benefits too. High-efficiency furnaces reduce greenhouse gases and conserve limited resources. This is definitely an improvement to make if you’re looking for ways to make your home more environmentally friendly. In some areas, homeowners are even able to enjoy tax credits and other incentives when choosing efficient HVAC equipment.

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4. HVAC Maintenance Is Easier

Older heating systems can start failing or experiencing regular problems after just one decade of service. Homeowners have to be increasingly mindful of ongoing maintenance in order to keep these systems functioning as they should. They may even pay for costly repair services with increasing frequency. If you want your furnace maintenance to be virtually stress-free, you should upgrade your current heating equipment with a new and more efficient heating system.

5. Heat Distribution Is Improved

family that uses energy efficient heating oil heating systems

Many large homes deal with unevenly distributed heat. Some rooms wind up being hot while others remain cold – which can leave some building residents uncomfortable and prone to complaining. New oil heat systems have the ability to effectively distribute heat so that everyone in the household can sleep comfortably even when the outside temperatures have plummeted. They can enjoy manageable temperatures and consistent airflow.

6. Home Values Increase

Investing in a modern heating system for your home will instantly boost the value of your real estate. Property buyers appreciate the benefits that efficient heating systems provide, and thus, they’re often willing to pay a bit more for homes that have them.

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There are many things that homeowners can do to boost the efficiency of their home heating systems, such as scheduling yearly HVAC tune-ups and having smart thermostats installed. However, having a modern oil-fired heating system installed is the absolute best way to maximize your energy savings. You can enjoy all of the above-mentioned benefits and more by making this upgrade today. Speak with a local HVAC Company now to get help finding the right heating equipment for your home and to learn more about your financing options.

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