What Is The Difference Between A Portable & Whole Home Air Filtration System?

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People visualize dark or black smoke or dense smog when they think about air pollution. Unfortunately, these obvious indications are just a few signs of inferior air quality. You cannot see all of the pollutants in your environment. Indoor air pollutants are often tiny and undetectable to the naked eye but they are present in the atmosphere. Therefore, homeowners must remember to maintain the indoor air quality in their residences. Property owners should research realistic solutions for their air quality problems, such as portable vs whole home air filtration. Each option has weaknesses as well as strengths. Read below to learn more about these options.

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The Difference Between A Full Home Air Filtration & A Portable System

While living with the pandemic, we became more aware of the need for clean air. Also, we now better understand the dangers that lurk and remain unseen in our environment. However, it is not too late to address the concerns about air quality. People can install air filters with a decent MERV rating in homes to reduce future air quality issues. More information is listed below on how air filters work, the advantages of clean air, top-rated products, and information about the products.

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Advantages Of Clean Air At Home

We share more information below about the benefits of clean and healthy air in your house.

1. Decreased Risk of Disease

Pathogens enter our bodies through the air we inhale, and these bacteria and viruses are dangerous to our health. Therefore, we should avoid allowing them into our bodies. However, advanced air filters stop microscopic particles from dispersing in your residence. You will not have to worry about vulnerable family members such as children, older persons, or sick persons. Therefore, keep your family safe while reducing expensive medical bills.

2. Reduced Allergens

image of a homeowner blowing thier nose due to poor indoor air quality

Airborne particles are often responsible for allergies in sensitive persons. Common allergens include pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and dust mites, which enter the home on your shoes and clothes. These allergens can also get inside through cracks and gaps in the building. Some allergic reactions include watery eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and lethargy. An air filter will help you feel better and get your work done.

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3. Diminished Surface Dust

We never inhale all the dust particles that invade our homes because some particles fall on desks, sofas, carpets, tables, countertops, and hard floors. The dust is undesirable and unattractive. It forces us to clean constantly to reduce the build-up of dust. Once you disturb these particles, they launch into the air and irritate persons in the house. Filtration systems clean the air, so you have less dust circulating indoors. Therefore, you will have less surface build-up and will have to clean less frequently.

4. Stop Foul Odors

image of a homeowner plugging nose due to indoor air pollutants at home

You would never want to live in a home with a foul odor because you can not make your nose stop smelling. You must breathe to live and function. If foul odors persist in your home, you should find the source and address the issue. Try utilizing non-toxic cleaners to wipe the dirty areas to destroy the bacteria. Air filtration systems capture the unwanted particles in the air; therefore, your home will smell fresh and clean.

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Portable Air Filtration Systems

Portable air filters have been designed for easy relocation from room to room because they are light and small. If you need to be able to move the air filter around, a portable system is the best solution. However, movable air filters are limited in their capacity to filter the air, so you have to manage your expectations. A portable system is effective for a finite number of square feet. The top air filters carry HEPA filters which capture approximately 99.97% of airborne particles bigger than 0.3 microns. We consider this impressive because the diameter of human hair is 50 microns. Consequently, these air filtration systems offer some efficiency.

Whole-Home Air Filtration Systems

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As the name suggests, whole-home filters cover the entire house. Whole-home filters are large compared to portable systems. Therefore, you have to install them in a set position. A central unit filters the air from its return ducts. The system works closely with the HVAC system to trap all pollutants that bypass the standard filters. You will benefit from the immense surface coverage of the whole-home filters because they cover ten times more surface area than HVAC filters. Besides the physical barrier, you can also install ultraviolet light to kill pathogens. This solution has more advantages over a portable air filter because it reduces pollutants effectively and efficiently.

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Explanation of How Whole-Home Air Purifiers Work

You have three design options to choose from for your air purifier. Some systems have filter-based units placed by air vents. Some persons install filters along the duct path, whether after or before the air handler in the HVAC system. Thirdly, you can choose a standalone system that functions by itself. Homeowners usually place these standalone systems in attics with exhaust and intake paths in the house. We admit that these systems are complex, so you should consult a professional to install your system to ensure consistent performance and efficiency.

Some Disadvantages of Portable Room Purifiers

image of pros and cons depicting portable air purifiers

  • Coverage Limitations: You have to consider any purchase that you are going to make carefully. While you may spend less on a portable air purifier, these systems are less effective than whole-house systems. Therefore, protect your family by installing a whole-house system.
  • You May Need More than One Unit: You can cover your residence with several portable air filters, but this option will cost more. This strategy may match or exceed the cost of a whole-home filter system. Therefore, you may not save any money if you choose this option.
  • Possible Ozone Emissions: Unfortunately, portable air purifiers produce some gasses that could damage the ozone layer. The damage could occur based on the unit’s filtration method. Check to ensure that you do not harm the environment with your portable air purifier.
  • They Do Not Absorb Odors: Whole-Home air filters absorb particles that cause odors from the ducts. Therefore, you will never smell those nasty odors. However, you will not have this benefit with portable air filters because foul smells will get to your room before the smaller filter reduces the irritants from the air.
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We cannot debate the importance of clean air because it affects our well-being and health. Safeguard your family from allergens and diseases by purchasing a reliable and efficient air filter system. Portable air filters are not as effective as whole-home filters. Select a professional installation company for the best results.

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