What To Do If You Run Out Of Oil In The Winter

empty heating oil tankServicing your furnace and ensuring you have enough heating oil for the season are two of the essential winter preparations for homeowners. Having these things in place will ensure your home is warm and comfortable during those long cold days of winter. However, the freezing temperatures could last a lot longer than anticipated.

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What To Do If You Forget To Schedule An Oil Delivery Lakehurst NJ

As such, your stock of heating oil may not be adequate to get you through an entire winter season. If your supply is exhausted before winter actually ends, this will place you in quite a desperate position. This situation is especially true if you didn’t notice that your tank ran out until you have a cold house on your hands. Below are guidelines on what to do when your heating oil tank runs dry:

Call For An Emergency Lakehurst Fuel Delivery

Point-Bay-Fuel-LogoCalling for an emergency oil delivery is the first resort in situations like this. However, be sure to check your tank first. You may actually have problems with the heating system or storage tank. Therefore, ensure the right measures are taken to check your equipment by calling in an expert to look into the issue. This will assist in identifying the source and avoiding unnecessary costs.

The first thing to do if your oil supply is truly depleted is to call the oil company for a refill. An oil delivery will take some time, mainly when the roads leading to your home are blocked by snow. However, you can use an alternative fuel like kerosene or diesel in the meantime.

Running out of heating oil could result in the fuel lines becoming clogged with sludge. The sludge blocks the filter and hinders the proper functioning of the system. Sludge forms when excessive dust, dirt or grime settles at the bottom of the tank. A reputable professional will need to bleed the system. This step is vital because errors during this procedure could result in additional complications and it could end up costing lots of money to rectify them.

Call For A Prime And Start

Prime and start is essentially a process in which an HVAC technician opens and cleans the oil line from the furnace to the fuel pump. Typically, this is done by allowing the oil to pump through for a little while before it is redirected to the furnace. This procedure helps in ridding the oil line of sludge and air, which could clog the line and prevent the optimal functioning of the heating system.

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Schedule Automatic Delivery To Avoid Running Out Of Heating Oil

heating oil delivery company in toms river new jerseyEliminate the stress of running out of heating oil during the winter by scheduling automatic delivery. In addition to its stress-relieving effect, doing this will ensure the supply is always enough to keep your home comfortable and warm. By opting for this service, you will be able to have peace of mind all throughout the year, knowing that your access to heating oil will be continuously cost-effective, convenient and hassle-free.

Automatic oil deliveries ensure your oil supply will never run out. The factors that your heating oil company considers include:

  • the size of your home
  • your previous oil usage
  • “degree days”, a measure used to figure out the demand for home heating oil

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Benefits Of Automatic Delivery In Lakehurst

  • Consistency: Without regular oil deliveries, your oil tank could get too low to heat the home during the winter. Automatic delivery ensures that your tank will be refilled before the supply gets too low.
  • Convenience: Scheduling deliveries can be stressful, particularly if the need for heat is urgent. Individuals with a busy lifestyle may not have much time in their day to call the local oil company. Furthermore, they may not have the time to check their tank levels. For these individuals, automatic oil delivery is a remarkable method of saving time as it only requires you to discuss your heating needs once.
  • Trust: Scheduling regular automatic deliveries forges a more personal bond between the oil company and a homeowner. Therefore, if there are other issues with the heating system, you will have a reliable source to look for solutions and provide assistance. For your oil company, keeping your household warm and comfortable should be their priority, and by entering into this relationship, you will have immediate access to expert recommendations that are tailored for the precise needs of your family.

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Take advantage of these tips to make sure that your home heating oil deliveries are always smooth and easy. For first-rate service and heating oil at competitive prices, call Point Bay Fuel right now. We offer a range of delivery plans and financing options. These options allow you to customize your heating oil deliveries to meet your needs.

We additionally perform heating system maintenance and repairs for improving the overall functionality and efficiency of your home heating equipment. Get in touch with Point Bay Fuel for all of your home heating requirements.

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