Versatility in Oil-fired Boilers

As a New Jersey homeowner, you are likely familiar with oil-fired boilers even if you do not own a unit. This warm, cozy, and cost-effective heating system is common throughout the United States but particularly in the Northeast. If you do not currently use oil heat or have an old unit that is not as versatile, you might want to consider upgrading to a complete oil-heating system that includes continuous hot water. Scroll down to see how a new or updated heating system could make a difference in your home and save money on heating bills at the same time.

Cozy, Efficient Heating

Oil-Fired Boilers Should Be Certified By Energy StarAlthough you have many options when it comes to choosing a central heating system, oil-fired boilers are known for the warmth and comfort they provide. If you have an older unit, keep in mind that conventional boilers are less efficient than newer models, many of which are Energy Star certified and more environmentally friendly.

Cost-Effective Fuel

As the price of natural gas has risen over the years, the price of fuel oil has stayed the same or even gone down. When the demand for gasoline is up, it creates a surplus of fuel oil that has helped keep prices low for years. Plus, newer units are fuel-efficient, and suppliers continue to deliver at competitive prices. Homeowners have full control when choosing their supplier, so they can shop around for the best prices, services, and evidence of expert installation, inspection, and maintenance skills.

Readily Available Hot Water

Oil burners utilize a vaporized mix of fuel and air that combusts over a burner in an enclosed chamber. In traditional units, the burner heats air, water, or steam that circulates through the house via vents or pipes and radiators. Many of today’s units, however, produce both hot air for warmth and hot water for everyday use. In addition to supplying dishwashers, showers, and toilets, the units can supply enough hot water for washing machines, hot tubs, and even pools. You will be able to run equipment such as a dishwasher and shower at the same time without fear of running out of hot water. Plus, the water used for items such as hot tubs will stay at a constant high temperature without amplifying the electric bill.

Since a full home comfort system will heat hot water along with the indoor temperature, you do not need a separate water-heating unit. For home and business owners, this versatility also means not having to manage multiple accounts and pay separate costs for fuel and water needs. In warmer months, you can still use the boiler to produce hot water at a lower cost. Plus, newer boiler system ductwork designs make it easier to install central air conditioning than before.

Point Bay Oil-Fired Boilers

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