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New Home Construction: Why Oil heat Within Buildings is the Smart Choice

Building With Oilheat

Oil heat within buildings has so much to offer real estate professionals, homeowners, contractors and building owners. It’s the clear choice for new home construction. Oilheat is versatile with many advantages that add value to homes which makes them easier and more profitable to sell. Most importantly, oil heat within buildings increases the homeowner’s immediate…

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Making the Switch to Bioheat Fuel? Here’s What You Need to Know

Bioheat Fuel

Bioheat fuel is not a new product. However, for some, making the switch to using renewable resources in their home heating is a new trend to consider. This winter, make a change to your home heating oil for a cleaner, greener burn. What is Bioheat Fuel? Bioheat fuel is a blend of heating oil and…

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5 Tips for Automatic Oil Delivery Service in the Winter

Automatic Oil Delivery Service

You want to guarantee warm, comfortable heat during the cold winter months, so you order early and get set up for convenient automatic oil delivery service. Our CDL licensed drivers are here to get you the fuel you need when you need it, but there are a few simple things homeowners can do to make…

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New to Oil Heat in New Jersey? Here’s What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Oil Heat In New Jersey

If you’re moving to a new home that uses oil heat in New Jersey, or perhaps this upcoming season will be your first winter using your tank, you may have some questions about how it works and how you should maintain it. The Point Bay Fuel team of professional heating service technicians have put together some…

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Fill Your Oil Tank in the Fall and Other Autumn To-Dos

As we begin to welcome in the change of seasons and the vibrant colors of fall, it’s also a good time to start checking off your “Fall To-Do” list and begin preparing your home for winter. Autumn temperatures are fairly mild in New Jersey, making it a beautiful time to be outside with the family…oh…

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Buying a New Home? Get the Facts on Oil vs Gas Heat

Buying a New Home? Get the Facts on Oil vs Gas Heat

Are you on the hunt for your first home? Maybe you’re relocating the family or looking into an investment property. No matter the reason, when you’re in the process to buy a home, you can be faced with a lot of decisions; it can be an overwhelming process with plenty of uncertainties (and often hidden…

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Common Questions About Residential Fuel Oil Tank (Plus Answers)

It’s spring, which means it’s house-hunting time! As you’re flipping through the listings and scoping out the open houses, you may be curious about the benefits of those with home heating oil. New and seasoned homebuyers alike may not know all the ins and outs of a residential fuel oil tank, but that’s what we’re…

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Heat Your Home for Less: Heating Oil Prices Half of Last Winter

Heating Oil Prices Half of Last Winter

Good news for homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean counties: heating oil prices remain competitive and have actually been driven down since last year! Combine the lower cost of fuel with the additional benefits of an oil-burning unit, and your energy bill could be substantially lower this winter. Keep reading to learn why prices have dropped…

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Versatility in Oil-fired Boilers

Oil-Fired Boilers Should Be Certified By Energy Star

As a New Jersey homeowner, you are likely familiar with oil-fired boilers even if you do not own a unit. This warm, cozy, and cost-effective heating system is common throughout the United States but particularly in the Northeast. If you do not currently use oil heat or have an old unit that is not as…

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Is Your Heating System Burning Money?

Heating System Burning Money

Having a reliable and robust heating system is ideal for managing the colder months of the year comfortably. No homeowner wants to deal with frigid condition inside of their home, so many automatically set aside extra funds to handle the larger heating bills winter usually brings. While some think that there is no way to…

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