Inside Oil Fired Heating Systems and How They Work

How Oil Fired Heating Systems WorkAirplanes, common-core math and snow on the first day of spring. These things and more are on the list of things most people pretend to understand but really don’t. And we’ll go ahead and add oil fired heating systems to that list, too. Most of us don’t really think about the inner workings of our home appliances…that is, until it breaks. Thankfully, our experts at Point Bay Fuel know the in’s and out’s of all things heating and cooling…so you don’t have to.

All of our service technicians are highly trained, specialized (and pretty cool) individuals who have the best possible training to repair, install or maintain all of your heating and cooling components. We’re available around the clock, morning, noon…or midnight!

Get Inside an Oil Fired Heating Systems

Not literally…but let’s take a peek inside. Oil fired heating systems are known for heating an area of your home through a variety of different ways including ventilation, baseboards, or radiators. Each of these has a different form of heating such as warm air, hot water, and steam.

When a thermostat detects the fall of a temperature within the home, a signal is then sent to the oil fired heating system. In return, the heat comes on through one of the three types and begins heating the home.

Water-Based Systems: Hot Water and Steam

There are two types of water-based systems that come along with oil fired heating and these two systems are hot water and steam. For both, the water becomes hot through a boiler before the warmth is injected throughout the home. With these two systems, the heat is dispersed differently after the water is warmed.

For hot water heating by oil fired heating systems, this is typically done by heat being dispersed through baseboards or radiators. Compared to a steam water system, this is the much simpler option.

For a steam system, there is a furnace that heats this air. It is then pushed through the vents that are within the home and out into the living areas. The return duct is responsible for drawing the air back in and cycling this heat. Because of the burning of fuel emissions, the air exits the system through a pipe that connects to the chimney.

Maintenance Of Oil Fired Heating Systems

Annual maintenance is not just important to maximize the lifespan of your oil fired heating system and boost energy savings! Regular tune-ups by an experienced HVAC technician can help to ensure peak efficiency year-round.

A few things that will boost performance include changing the fuel oil filter and lubrication of the burner motor. The burner mounting can also tell a homeowner if their equipment is leaking through smudges around the plate. If these smudges are present, a trained HVAC technician must be called to prevent health and safety hazards.

Comfort Year Round

While we may never fully understand modern art, one things for sure…oil fired heating systems won’t work if they’re not maintained. We can help with that.

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