6 Tips to Make Your Room Air Conditioner More Efficient

Make room air conditioner more efficient with home automation system. Directly make changes to your AC unit from your smartphone.

Summertime savings can be a difficult feat, especially, when your room air conditioning system is running for most of the day (and night). Add that to the fact that over the years, your AC system has probably lost some efficiency and you can kiss any big savings goodbye. But FEAR NOT!! There are still some…

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Inside Oil Fired Heating Systems and How They Work

How Oil Fired Heating Systems Work

Airplanes, common-core math and snow on the first day of spring. These things and more are on the list of things most people pretend to understand but really don’t. And we’ll go ahead and add oil fired heating systems to that list, too. Most of us don’t really think about the inner workings of our…

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