An Overheating Furnace Is A Major Concern

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Are you facing challenges with your furnace? Do not disregard these signs because you may think they are trivial. These heating symptoms could mean danger in your home. For instance, your furnace unit may be chronically overheating. If it is, do not hesitate to address this problem. Inform your HVAC technician about your overheating furnace concerns and arrange a visit quickly.

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How to Determine if Your Furnace is Overheating?

Never ignore an overheating furnace because it heightens your risk of poisoning from carbon monoxide due to, for example, a cracked heat exchanger, and puts your family at risk during the winter. Pay attention to these heating system issues, such as furnace leaks, because early detection can reduce the health risks to your family. Call your HVAC contractor if you experience the following challenges in your home:

1. A Burning Aroma from the Furnace

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Have you noticed a burning scent in your home? Everyone usually runs to the kitchen to check their stoves when they smell a burnt aroma. If this odor is not coming from the kitchen, check other heat-generating items, like your furnace. Is the odor strong around the system? Do not worry if the aroma dissipates, as it may consist of burnt dust, which occurs when your furnace sits dormant for some time. You have a serious situation if the burning scent persists for more than 30 minutes. Prolonged heat damages components, including the wires.

2. Weird Humming Sounds Coming from the Home Furnace

Of course, heating systems are never quiet, and property owners eventually recognize the noises from their furnaces. You can expect a constant hum from your system, but never banging or clacking. Once you hear something different, you have to check it out. If noises get louder, you have no choice but to react. The furnace’s motors may be overworking, which leads to components malfunctioning.

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3. A Sudden Shutdown of the Heating System

Manufacturers equip all furnaces with built-in safety sensors. Once the sensor detects extreme heat, it triggers an instant shutdown to give the furnace time to cool and restart. Unfortunately, until you determine the malfunction, your furnace will continue to shut down and restart. If your furnace has this problem, call an HVAC professional for support.

Causes of Overheating Furnaces

Overheating is not a one-off circumstance because a furnace overheats in certain conditions. Its performance will continually worsen while these symptoms build up. However, you can find solutions for each trigger. Here are some of the reasons that your furnace overheats.

1. Restricted HVAC Airflow

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The warm air produced by the furnace flows through a filter before passing across the ducts to facilitate airflow evenly spreading across the rooms in your home. Any obstructions restrict airflow so that heat builds up because it cannot escape. When your furnace exceeds its maximum operating temperature, you may experience the symptoms we shared above.

2. The Interior of the Heating System is Dirty

Impurities in the air may rest on the surfaces of a furnace’s internal components, and some parts are more sensitive to dust than others. For instance, your blower motor creates heat by spinning the fan blades. However, a dusty motor will not cool. Also, the furnace coils will not transfer heat effectively if coated with grime.

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3. Furnace Short Cycling

Furnace short cycling describes what happens when an HVAC system starts running and stops. In this state, the system will not complete a cycle or perform as it should. Overuse stresses out the motor and other parts. If your newer system experiences short cycles, your sizes may be mismatched. Older HVAC systems experience short cycling because the furnace overheats or the thermostat malfunctions.

4. Poor Heating System Maintenance

Mechanical parts always have wear and tear. Sadly, one weak component can cause the entire heating system to overheat. An example is a stressed fan blower causing a short circuit. This will lead to restricted circulation and increased internal temperatures. Frequent furnace maintenance enables technicians to identify worn parts. Be sure to replace these components before more damage occurs. Call for HVAC maintenance today.

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5. When Your Furnace Reaches Its Service Lifespan

Overheating could also signal that the furnace has reached its lifespan. Dated heating systems tend to have several flaws and failing parts. Replacing these parts frequently causes you to waste unnecessary money. The system will use more fuel which causes the problems to multiply. At this point, it is time to get a new furnace.

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How Your HVAC Technician Addresses an Overheating Furnace

An inexperienced person should never try to open a furnace to repair it because it is dangerous. Always call a professional HVAC contractor to address any overheating problems or other challenges you face with the system. Shut off the power immediately and contact a technician because his training enables him to diagnose and offer solutions.

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How Long Will Your Furnace Last?

The average furnace runs for an estimated fifteen years. If you forget to maintain your home heating system consistently, it will fail permanently. Neglected furnaces tend to develop rust, inefficiency, and other heating issues. However, regularly checking and maintaining the system will increase the furnace’s lifespan. Your furnace’s continued operation and longevity depend on your attention and care.

If you plan to repair or replace your old furnace in your home, look carefully at the costs. You can manage to change cheap and easily accessible parts, but you may struggle with more costly repairs. Imagine if the furnace repairs cost half of the cost of a new furnace. Therefore, replace the system for decreased heating expenses, improved efficiency, and less stress.

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Why is Annual Furnace Maintenance Important?

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If you own a home with a furnace, you should be able to complete simple maintenance tasks such as replacing the air filter and removing clutter. However, arrange maintenance of the more complex repairs with your HVAC contractor, which includes inspecting and tuning the system. Professional maintenance contractors ensure that you reduce breakdowns and increase efficiency, performance, and lifespan.

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Never allow the furnace in your home to overheat for a long span because it causes poisonous carbon monoxide emissions and is also expensive. Contact your HVAC technician if your system shuts down and emits a burning odor. Also, be cautious of loud noises in your furnace. The professionals will confirm your suspicions and address the heating issues with the required tools and quality components. You will be back on track in no time.

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