Owner’s Guide to Commercial Heating Service

Commercial HeatingIf you own a local business and you’re looking for a new commercial heating or cooling system, you’ve probably already realized that the cost of the equipment isn’t the only factor you need to consider. Commercial heating service costs can vary widely from one installation company to another. As you sift through quotes from different contractors, how can you compare accurately to understand exactly what you’re getting for your money?

Whether you own a bicycle shop or a restaurant, as small business owner, you have enough to worry about. Let the heating and cooling experts at Point Bay Fuel help you clear up some confusion and find out more about what to expect with your commercial heating and cooling installation.

3 Commercial Heating and Cooling Considerations

1. Research Your Equipment Options.

As expected, equipment costs are going to vary depending on the type of system you’re installing. Efficiency levels, space available, brand choice and any other comfort-enhancing add-ons, may affect the overall cost. Be sure to research your fuel options and speak with a heating and cooling professional. They will help you make the right decision for your space.

2. Get a Quote Breakdown.

The best way to be sure you’re comparing apples to apples is by examining the line items and see how (and where) the proposal includes the costs. In other words, ask for a breakdown. A reputable HVAC company should provide you a breakdown of their numbers. This is so you can compare what’s included and the quotes for equipment, ductwork, controls and other installation costs.

3. Don’t Forget About Maintenance.

An important factor to consider for your commercial heating and cooling system, yet often overlooked, is regular maintenance for your unit. It’s wise to schedule preventative heating maintenance in the spring, before winter hits. Your air conditioning maintenance should be conducted in the fall as well. Additionally, now is the time to find out whether the vendor can service what they install so you can keep your HVAC system in top shape and get the best return on your investment.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Solutions by Point Bay Fuel

Not every heating and cooling company has the expertise to deal with the specialized requirements of a commercial environment like we do. Point Bay Fuel has been serving the needs of commercial clients in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ since 1906. If you need repairs, maintenance or installation for a new HVAC system in your place of business, trust in us to help you get the job done on-time and within your budget.

And rest assured, we offer commercial heating and cooling maintenance plans that allow us to identify and repair issues before they cause bigger problems, commercial accounts and pricing, as well as unique heating oil delivery scheduling.

If you need commercial heating and cooling services, please contact us today; together we’ll assess your situation and find the best solution to meet your business’ needs. Call us today at (732) 349-5059.