How To Figure Out If Your Air Conditioner Uses R-22

r22 refrigerantThe production of R-22, a coolant used in older air conditioning units, was banned in January 2020. Currently, if you are using R22 refrigerant for your air conditioning system, then a recharge will cost you more than you can imagine. Read more to find out about the R22 phase-out and how to identify if your AC equipment that uses R22.

Older Air Conditioning Systems Run On R22 Refrigerant

Unfortunately, with time, air conditioning models become obsolete. Using an older system in your home or office is not ideal. Not only do older air conditioners perform poorly, but they also consume more energy and are more expensive to repair. R22 is a coolant that has been used on AC systems for decades. Due to the ban on this type of refrigerant, air conditioning units that use R22 are becoming obsolete as well.

Air conditioners that use R22 refrigerant have become very costly to repair. If there is a coolant leak, for example, you might have to decide whether to have the unit repaired at an exorbitant cost or have it replaced.

The phase-out of R22 is a government initiative, which means that the supply of this coolant will decrease significantly. When demand remains high, expect the cost of the coolant to spike. A recharge could cost you half as much as getting the system upgraded to a new, energy-efficient unit. The only way to truly save money is to get an air conditioner replacement.

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Does Your AC System Use R22?

To determine if your air conditioner runs on the R22 refrigerant, check its manufacture date. Units manufactured past 2010 offer better repair options economically. After 2010, manufacturers have begun using Puron, also known as R-410a, an alternative to R22. Before 2010, manufacturers used R22 refrigerant. Knowing what your AC unit uses will help you make the right decision.

Note also that while your air conditioning unit may be an older model, it could still perform quite well. However, should your unit leak, you may have to deal with a dwindling supply of R22. By January 2020, the phaseout of R22 refrigerant will be finalized. Supplies will become more and more limited and the cost to recharge your AC system with this coolant will probably be far more than you might expect. If you have an air conditioner that was manufactured before 2010, then it may be more economical to start saving for a new air conditioner.

However, you first need to learn how to determine the type of refrigerant that your air conditioning unit uses. Second, you need to know more about the R22 phase-out that took place in Jan. 2020 and how it will affect you and your household.

Are You Using R22 Refrigerant In New Jersey? Here’s How To Find Out.

1. Know The Manufacturing Date Of Your A/C System

air conditionerThe date of manufacture of your A/C is a good indicator of the type of refrigerant it uses. You will find this information on the data plate, usually located on the air handler or the condenser unit of the air conditioner. All units with a manufacturing date before 1996 use R22. Units manufactured from 1996 to 2009 may be using R22 or the alternative R-410a, which means you will have to research further. If your A/C unit was manufactured in 2010 or later, it is likely running on R-410a.

2. Find Out When The Air Conditioner Was Installed

Another key determinant of the type of refrigerant that your A/C uses is its date of installation. If your air conditioner was installed in 2010 or later, it is likely that your air conditioner uses R-410a. By 2010, it was illegal for HVAC technicians to install AC units that use R22. If you installed your air conditioner earlier than 2010, it may be using R22.

3. Know Your AC Manufacturer Specifications

The manufacturer often provides information regarding the type of coolant that a specific A/C model uses. You can find this information on the nameplate attached to the condenser unit. If the information is unavailable on this component, look for certification stickers on the unit. Whether or not the air conditioner uses R22 is indicated on these stickers.

4. Call Your Air Conditioner’s Manufacturer

If the nameplate, labels, or other components that could yield information does not provide clear information, call the manufacturer. Their technical or customer service department can determine the type of refrigerant used on your A/C unit based on its brand, model, and year of manufacture.

5. Ask Your HVAC Contractor For Assistance

HVAC technicianAir conditioners must undergo regular tune-ups each year. When it is time for the periodic checkup of your unit, remember to ask your HVAC contractor what type of refrigerant it uses.

NATE-certified technicians are trained to identify the type of coolant that an air conditioner uses. They could also provide you with useful information about the make and model of air conditioners that run on R22.

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More Details On The R22 Phaseout That Finalized On January 2020

The phase-out of R22 began gradually. The EPA issued the phase-out initiative to prevent harmful effects that this compound causes to the environment. This same initiative now forbids manufacturers to produce R22. Although it is not considered an illegal compound to use for existing units, the phase-out initiative has effectively caused its price to rise due to limited supply. If you are planning on recharging a mid-sized air conditioner unit using R22, you may have to pay almost 50% of the price of a new air conditioner.

What Are The Options That You Have In New Jersey?

All homes must be safe and comfortable. If your home air conditioner uses R22, it may be more cost-efficient to purchase a new unit than have the old unit recharged or repaired. Older A/C units tend to become inefficient over time. They will begin to break down due to aging and wear-and-tear and are likely to have a significant dip in their performance. If an old air conditioner unit cools your home, it may be time to start shopping for a newer, more energy-efficient model.

Next, consider the r-22 refrigerant cost. If your unit has a leak, getting a recharge could mean shelling out big bucks. Replacing an R22 A/C unit is a better option to ensure that you save money, avoid the high cost of repair, and keep your home safe and comfortable at the same time.

Third, you could actually save on a new unit. Many HVAC companies offer to finance to clients who have a good credit standing. Ask your local HVAC company for special deals, payment plans, and affordable financing.

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