Should I Upgrade My Entire HVAC System If It Uses R-22 Refrigerant?

r22 refrigerant replacementYou have two choices to make if you are having issues with your old air conditioning system. These choices are to either replace or repair it. Many consider repairing the air conditioner if it is newer because this is a cheaper, faster, and more convenient option. However, if your cooling system is old, the best option may be to retire it and invest in a new one. One aspect that you should consider when making this decision is whether or not your AC uses a refrigerant known as R-22.

On January 1st, 2020, R-22 was illegal to manufacture or import into the United States. If you are still using a system that uses R-22 in your home, and your AC springs a coolant leak, it may be best to replace it with a new one. R-22 is still available. However, due to limited supplies, you will have to pay astronomical r22 refrigerant prices when facing a refrigerant leak. It may be far more economical to spend your hard-earned money on a new energy-efficient unit rather than paying for an R-22 refill.

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R22 Replacement: The Reason R-22 Is No Longer Being Produced

Before we continue, it is essential we first know why R-22 refrigerant is out of production and distribution. R-22 contains chemical compounds known as HCFCs or hydrochlorofluorocarbons. These compounds are great refrigerants, but they harm the environment. It has been proven that these compounds have contributed to extensive damage to the ozone layer, making us vulnerable to dangerous UV rays. However, the good news is that authorities all over the world have heeded the call and now HCFC-free products and new refrigerants have been developed.

The Implications Of The R22 Ban For Homeowners In New Jersey

air conditioner technicianRemember that if your R22 system leaks, it will need a recharge or a refrigerant top off. But since its supply is dwindling, you will have to pay high R22 refrigerant prices. Either way, you will have to make the choice of replacing your air conditioner or paying these exorbitant coolant costs.

Even though your old air conditioner might continue to run, it will be much more inefficient than it used to be before. You will start noticing spiking monthly utility bills because of the system consuming more energy to provide the cooling effect you desire. Its performance will also continue dwindling until your unit is no longer able to serve its purpose anymore.

When it comes to its financial viability, continuing to use your old system will result in huge losses. For instance, the price of R-22 will continue to go up as its supply dwindles and demand increases. You will still be able to get a refill for the unit, but not without paying an arm and a leg. However, you will be able to enjoy tax breaks and other perks if you replace your air conditioner with a more environmentally friendly model today. Be sure to talk to the air conditioning experts at Point Bay Fuel to find out more information.

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R22 Replacement Options: The Development Of R-410a & Other Refrigerant Alternatives

Viable alternatives have been developed by scientists to replace R-22. Among these alternatives is R-410A which offers even better results than R-22 without damaging the ozone layer or the environment in general. R-410A was invented in 1991 by researchers at Honeywell and is easily identifiable by its pink cylinder color. R-410A is available from most air conditioning service providers, and it does not contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. The other R-22 alternative is R-421A which is also friendly to the environment, and many consider it as the refrigerant of the future.

Air Conditioner Unit Retrofits Vs. Full AC Upgrades

air conditioner replacementEven after tax breaks and other incentives, the cost of upgrading an air conditioning unit is still high. For this reason, most homeowners are considering cheaper alternatives to upgrading their systems such as retrofitting them. With retrofitting, the homeowner will get to use a new refrigerant in the old unit. The reasoning here is because the refrigerant is the issue in this case. Therefore, why not get rid of it and keep the original air conditioner? However, as good as this sounds, it is not that practical.

R-22 runs at a lower pressure than R-410A and R-421A. Units that use R-22 are designed to handle low pressure. These units might not be able to handle the high pressures of R-410A and R-420A. For this reason, the unit might start leaking refrigerant from the coil and condenser after some time. Therefore, retrofitting an old air conditioner would be even more costly than just upgrading the whole unit.

But if you decide to go for a full air conditioner upgrade, this will guarantee full compatibility with the alternative refrigerants. You can expect smooth operation for at least ten years or more from a new system. When you consider this, then upgrading your system is the most cost-efficient option. You will be able to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs when using a new unit. On top of that, you will be able to enjoy improved energy efficiency that will significantly help reduce your energy bills. You can worry less about the purchase costs of the new unit by taking advantage of the tax breaks and other incentives. Be sure to talk to the cooling experts at Point Bay Fuel to find out more information.

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Consider Upgrading Your Heating & Cooling Systems At The Same Time

Rather than replacing only your cooling system, consider also upgrading the heating unit. By doing this, you will be able to save money and energy and essentially hit two birds with one stone as the saying goes. Do this if both units were installed around the same time or if you also have an old heating unit on your hands. With improved real-world performance and specifications, newer HVAC systems are better than the older ones.

Not upgrading both the heating and cooling units comes at a cost. There is a huge performance difference courtesy of the mismatched components. Also, your warranties might be voided by manufacturers due to the incompatibility of your systems. Do the right thing and avoid cutting corners by replacing your old cooling and heating units.

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