Is Your NJ Home Ready for the Cold Weather? 4 Home Comfort Tips

Home ComfortStarting to think about buttoning up the house for winter? If not, you should. As your New Jersey home heating oil company, we’ve put together some reminders on getting your home ready for the winter months. They’re vital for your home comfort and efficiency, plus they’ll help you save on your heating bills, too!

4 Home Comfort Reminders

1. Winterize Your AC Unit

Your first step to preparing for winter is to properly shut down your AC unit. Power off the unit and inspect the area surrounding it for debris, leaves and branches. Clear those away. It is always best to have your unit professionally cleaned by a NATE Certified HVAC technician from Point Bay Fuel; our team is highly trained and specialized to repair, install or maintain your heating or cooling systems. And remember, we’re available 24/7 if an emergency arises.

If you want your unit to last through the cold winter months that New Jersey experiences, you’ll also need to cover the outside central AC units to protect against snow and ice during down time. You’ll not only protect it from harsh winter weather, but you’ll also extend the longevity of your unit so you get ultimate home comfort when summer rolls around again.

2. Test it Out

Before you need it, test it. On a cool morning, turn on the heat five degrees higher than the temperature in the room. If the heat doesn’t reach the newly set temperature or takes too long to turn on, it’s time for a tune-up by a trusted heating technician from Point Bay Fuel. Call us now to prepare your furnace to run in top condition during the cold New Jersey winter months. 732-349-5059.

And while you’re at it, use this season as a reminder to change your filter. When it’s dirty and dusty, your system isn’t as efficient at maintaining a set temperature.

3. Flip the Switch

Change the circulation of your fan to a clockwise rotation in the winter. Put it in reverse and operate it at a lower speed to help you gently draw air up and force the warmer air down and out toward the walls.

Also, learn how to program your thermostat to generate savings. For example, drop the temp a few degrees while you’re sleeping and ten degrees for the eight hours you’re at work; you can save five to 15 percent on your heating bills.

4. Upgrade

Most heating systems last for about 20 years before they require replacement, but if it’s ten years old or older, you could be spending more money than necessary on heating bills. A newer, more energy-efficient model can save you 15-20% and reduce the risk of a breakdown in the middle of January.

Toms River Heating and Home Comfort Services Offered at Point Bay

Point Bay is more than just a home heating oil company. We are able to completely service residential needs when it comes to HVAC installations, maintenance and home heating oil. We are your one-stop shop for all things home comfort and are available 24/7 for any Toms River HVAC emergency. Give us a call at (732) 349-5059.