When Is The Right Time For An Air Filter Replacement?

You’ve probably read that you need to change your home’s HVAC air filter on a routine basis. But do you know why, or how often, or even, where to find it? Read on to learn why routine air filter replacement is so important, how often you should change them and how they can help improve your indoor air quality.

Why Air Filter Replacement Is So Important

HVAC air filterCleaning or changing your home’s air filter is essential for efficient operation of your air conditioner. It should be a part of your routine home maintenance. Since air filters remove particulates from your HVAC system, it aids to improve air quality keeping pollutants from circulating inside your house, helping you and your family breath healthy air.

Forgetting about it could not only damage your HVAC equipment, but it could also void your HVAC warranty, slow air flow, waste energy and cause serious problems for your system.

When To Schedule Air Filter Replacement

Simply put: When it’s dirty, change it. But we understand most people benefit from the reliability of a schedule. Many manufacturers have a recommended schedule to use as a guide and should be followed at a minimum to maintain your warranty.

The average home air filter should be changed every other month, but you air filter schedule should be adjusted more or less to fit your own needs. Consider factors including:

  • The amount of HVAC use
  • If anyone has allergies
  • Current air quality and level of air pollution around the home
  • Number of pets
  • Size of home
  • Construction or remodeling projects
  • If a smoker lives in the house

Homes with pets will require air filters to be changed more frequently as their dander can clog an air filter more than usual.

If you live alone or are scheduling an air filter replacement for a vacation home (without pets or allergies), you can wait 3-6 months before changing your air filter.

For those living with pets or suffering from allergies, air filter should be replaced every month.

Remembering To Replace Your Air Filter

when to replace your air filterIf possible, set an electronic alert on your calendar to remind you to change your air filter or perform any other maintenance tasks like checking the battery on your smoke detector. Another way to remember is associating it with another reminder, such as the 15th of every month or the first day of every season.

Trust In A Professional Air Conditioner Company

Air filter replacement is essential for a healthy HVAC system and will help your unit run more efficiently, save on repair costs and reduce energy bills. For more information, contact our NATE certified technicians at (732) 349-5059 today.

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