Stress-Free Spring HVAC Tips

Warm weather got you in the mood to spring clean? Once you start clearing away the layers of dust from winter, it can be hard to stop…so, ride that cleaning-mood momentum and read on! Seasonal HVAC maintenance is one of the best ways to clear the air, cut your energy bills and keep your unit running efficiently for years to come. But, it’s likely you haven’t thought about your air conditioner since last year, so we’ve put together a few of the top spring HVAC tips to make sure you enjoy a cool and stress-free summer!

Before You Flip The Switch

spring tips for HVAC systemsOne of the biggest mistakes you can make is to simply switch the system on during the late spring and hope for the best. Not only could you find your home filled with unpleasant smells and extra dust, but it could also damage the system in the process. Before you switch it on, take time to inspect the system and schedule your annual maintenance appointment.

Clear The Air

In addition to dust, springtime can also release a lot of pollen and mold spores into the air which can result in a lot of uncomfortable allergy-related symptoms. When you service your HVAC, be sure to ask your technician to show you how to properly clean and replace your air filter. Your air filter should be changed or cleaned once a month, especially for large systems.

Monitor Your Thermostat

Find the optimal temperature for comfort and savings (yes, it is possible). On our blog, we identify the ideal temperature when you’re sleeping, on vacation-mode, at the office and even exercising. Find out the magic numbers and you could save up to 10% each year.

Reverse The Fans Seasonally

fan direction during the seasonsRotate the blades on your fan counter-clockwise during the summer to create a wind-chill effect, making you “feel” cooler and to circulate air from the air conditioning vents throughout the room. Turn blades clockwise during the winter.

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