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Why A Roth Oil Storage Tank

Choose the best storage oil tank for your family’s comfort and the environment. By opting for a Roth oil tank, you get the best-built home heating oil storage solution with a best-in-class warranty!

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Roth Oil Tank

Roth USA manufactures the best oil tank storage solutions on the market today! These exceptional tanks offer the following features:

  • Outer Tank Is A Galvanized Steel, Weld-Free Design, Holding 110 Percent Of The Primary Tank
  • A High-Density Polyethylene Inner Tank With A Seamless Design
  • Optical Leak Alarm That Is Easily Seen
  • Potentially 50 Percent Lighter Than Your Average 12-Gauge Steel Tank While Having A Larger Storage Capacity
  • Steel Filling System Which Is Non-Corrosive To Provide Even Levels In Each Tank
  • Duplex Brushed Burner Feeding System Installed Directly To The Opening
    • Slip-Through Compression Fittings For Copper Tubing Sizes ⅜” or ½”
  • Cover Designed For Outside Use
  • Removable Base For Access To More Compact Spaces And Greater Stability
  • Multiple Fuel Storage Options
    • Heating Oil
    • Diesel
    • BioFuels Up To B20
  • Easier To Transport Thanks To Wide Handles On Each End Of Tank
roth oil tank double wall design

Double Wall Construction

Built and designed with a unique construction, these oil tanks are the safest and most reliable on the market. This double-walled design is made of a weld-free, leak-proof, galvanized steel and is roll seamed with a fire and oil-resistant seal, being able to hold at least 110 percent capacity of the inner tank for your home’s protection.

The outer shell is designed to be tough enough to withstand forceful impacts from outside and treated to fight against corrosion from aggressive salt air. Keeping space in mind, Roth’s compact tanks are available in several different sizes, allowing more flexibility for optimal placement in any home.

Seamless Inner Tank Construction

Roth has a unique design with its intuitive seamless inner tank for maximum security, safety, and reliability, by refusing to compromise on material or construction. With their state of the art high-density, blow-molded polyethylene inner tank offering a seamless design that is absolutely leak-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Taking the time to quality test all of their products by means of pressure testing to ensure the tank is completely sealed and ultrasound tests ensuring optimal thickness of plastic. As well, Roth tanks can be used for heating oil, diesel, and biofuels up to B20.

roth Seamless Inner Tank
vent pipe for roth oil tank

Unique Oil Filling System

Roth tanks are a lot faster and easier to fill courtesy of their unique expansion system. It features double-ring, lock-down caps to eliminate odors while refilling and a non-corrosive steel filling system that provides an even level in each tank when installed in groups.

Exceptional Warranty

Roth Industries has one of the best warranty policies with a 30-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any failures of the tank due to material defects or workmanship as well as any failure of the internal tank due to internal corrosion.

This warranty also includes $2M of insurance against property and environmental damage!.

roth best in class warranty

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